The time is now....

The time has come for North American audiences to experience what many are calling an "underwater Star Wars". Aquaman will be available today as it goes into the weekend before Christmas. The James Wan directed superhero epic, has garnered strong reviews from viewers in other parts of the world. The film has made over US$200 million in China thus far, overshadowing the previous efforts from DC Films. Analysts say if it continues to hold, the pic may gross as high as US$250 to $270 million in the territory.

The film is not without its competitiors thoush as Bumblebee, the first solo Transformers movie, opens on the same date. It will also do batte with Battle Angel, the James Cameron produced anime-to-live-action CGI fest.

Aquaman stars Jason Mamoa as the title character, who audiences first say in 2016's Batman v SUperman: Dawn of Justice. Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe and Patrick Wilson also star in DC's latest Superhero offering.



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