Oscars 2024 with Michael Keaton, Danny Devito, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Started by The Joker, Mon, 11 Mar 2024, 03:07

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Quote from: The Joker on Sun, 26 May  2024, 23:41
Quote from: Silver Nemesis on Mon, 11 Mar  2024, 22:14This also appeals to my headcanon, wherein Keaton's Batman defeated Mr. Freeze.

I saw this piece on X, and couldn't help but think of your comment.

That's a great poster. The coloured lighting evokes a visual midpoint between Burton and Schumacher. The only missing elements are Robin and Bane, but perhaps their inclusion would've made it too crowded. If we're counting The Flash as part of the canon then Nam-Ek should really be on there too, since he was the last comic book villain this Batman faced off against.