Talking with Tim Burton: “I’m like a vampire. I’ve been killed and resuscitated

Started by eledoremassis02, Fri, 15 Sep 2023, 18:03

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It is interesting how Superman Lives went from being a cautionary tale of what NOT to do to being The One That Got Away for a lot of fans. That documentary did a LOT to change people's perceptions of what Burton was going for.

In fact, I wonder sometimes how Burton reacted to WB's own marketing department vilifying his movie by releasing a lot of out of context concept art. He had to know that his unmade film was essentially being used a strawman to make Bryan Singer's film look better.

Quote from: eledoremassis02 on Fri, 29 Sep  2023, 01:35I feel like he's more hurt over Superman than Batman. Keaton even sent Burton pics of the Batcave. I think it's the fact that he didnt get to do Superman and someone else basically made it (even if its a few seconds).

I was actually just thinking how they talked him out of doing Batman 3 only for him to get the OK to do Superman a few years later. I gotta watch the Superman Lives documentary
I think it's because he pretty much said all he wanted to with Batman. B89 could've easily been a one-shot, but he got a sequel and gave a different interpretation of the same universe. Superman represented new ground to explore, which I think would've been highly interesting to have seen. Burton's Superman would have been undeniably alien and unique, and more appealing than the safe and tired Superman Returns.