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The pose is an odd choice for a reveal shot, but the costume itself... I don't know, it looks all right to me.

I don't like the tubing. I don't know why every modern superhero costume has to have that now. All those lines needlessly complicate what should be a simple design. I'm also not sold on the New 52 collar. But it might work. I'll wait and see what that looks like in other pictures. The texture looks a little rubbery, which I'm also not mad on. It's not as bad as Routh's costume, but I'd prefer a simpler fabric.

However, I do like the colours. I'm glad they've brought the trunks and belt back. The creases in the suit might look awkward in this pic, but they suggest a thinner and more flexible material that's a welcome change from the sculpted armour look. When it comes to Superman's costume, as a matter of personal preference I like it kept simple. These are my favourite live action Superman suits.

The Kirk Alyn and Superboy (1988-1992) costumes were good too. I know many people would say these costumes look silly. But then some would say a grown man flying through the sky wearing a blue bodysuit and red cape is silly anyway, regardless of the design specifics. I say embrace the fantasy and don't overcomplicate it.

Sculpted muscle suits are best reserved for slim average-build actors like Michael Keaton. All of the Superman actors have been tall and muscularly built. As long as the actor has the right body shape, he doesn't need padding or sculpted muscles. I don't know if Corenswet's suit has padding, but judging from this picture his personal trainer posted he doesn't need it.

I also like that they've brought back the spit curl. Corenswet's got that classic chiselled blue-eyed Superman look that Reeves, Reeve, Welling and Cavill all had. He's 6'3 or 6'4, depending on different sources, and he certainly looks the part. I'd like to see some better images of the costume – to see what he looks like standing up and striking a more heroic pose – but based on this early glimpse I think the suit looks ok. It's not my ideal Superman costume, and I'm not blown away by it. But so far it doesn't look terrible to me.

I like what the picture is trying to convey, but I must admt it looks I also think that the pose, while nice for what they're going for, is ill suited for the costume. My meaning is that the suit is obviously not built in a way that comidates the position and pose we see here. That's something that ought to have been considered before the taking of this picture. The material creasing and the obvious muscle suit don't look very nice scrunched like that, especially since its likely that the addition of the muscle suit is the major problem here. As Silver mentioned, the actor playing Superman got super jacked for the role. They added a muscle suit anyway, which is never good, because the bigger the guy the weirder the suit gets with all those layers. Either you show off the muscles or you let the actor stay slim and use the padding. I don't like the tubing either.

Now that I think about it, I probably ought to comment on Corenswet himself. He certainly looks the part. I'm not predicting anything. But if this film's legacy is that Corenswet is the best part of it, that wouldn't be a big surprise at this stage in the game. He looks powerful. If you ask me, Superman should always look large and in charge. And Corenswet is definitely on the right track as far as appearances are concerned.

Which fits with everything else, frankly. Gunn does seem to have assembled a great cast. I was battening down the hatches for what casting a Superman film in the modern era might lead to. But for the most part, the casting choices for this film have been very high quality.

If I had to guess, it'll probably be six or eight months before we see a teaser for the film. But I am very curious to see how this film will depict Superman flying.

I don't have the same buzz about Gunn's Superman that I had about The Batman and, to a greater extent, JOKER. But I am allowing for the possibility of this film winning me over.

Still not digging that Superman uniform tho, no doubts there.

I concur about the casting of Corenswet. He looks the part. As for the suit, I'm willing to see how it moves in live action opposed to this still. Which I maintain wasn't the best pose or scenario to go with.

I would say the majority of the cast look the part, so I'm good on that, but again, that suit looks pretty bad. Granted, I'm willing to see what it looks like in motion, and I can easily change my mind if it happens to look better, but yeah, not a good first look.

Oh well, we'll just have to wait for more in the coming year or so.

^ I remind myself that it could ALWAYS be worse. For example...

Quote from: Travesty on Thu,  9 May  2024, 23:38I would say the majority of the cast look the part, so I'm good on that, but again, that suit looks pretty bad. Granted, I'm willing to see what it looks like in motion, and I can easily change my mind if it happens to look better, but yeah, not a good first look.

Oh well, we'll just have to wait for more in the coming year or so.
Indeed, but the suit still isn't something I'll ever be on board with because of this:

It's just a joke to me for a contemporary film, showing the character is a relic. It sticks out like a sore thumb and I really wish they didn't go back down this road after Snyder had the guts to go another route.

This mediocre costume has been memed to death, to the point that Forbes ran an article saying the photo reveal looks AI-generated. The backlash must've been a huge blow to Gunn's ego. Never mind Cavill's suits, Brandon Routh's Kingdom Come costume in the Arrowverse COIE suit looks WAY more cinematic than this. Even Hoechlin's suit in Superman and Lois is better.

I noticed that Gunn tried to pander to the Twitter crowd by showing off with him taking a picture with a group of Superman comics writers who were all wearing generic S logo t-shirts the following day, but this is just a PR attempt to distract people from the negative reaction to the costume.

However, who really gives a sh*t if the costume is good or bad? Leave it to the internet to freak out over a costume reveal, but shrug its shoulders over the creepiness and shadiness of the director.
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