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Started by Gotham Knight, Wed, 5 Mar 2008, 23:49

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Behold my review or rather a brief look at JLA, the new Frontier.

First off, I was very exited at the possibility of seeing a retro look of the origins of the JLA, and seeing a version of Batman that in today?s world has been forsaken. As a Batman fan, the idea that its themes would be stronger and for mature audiences was a bonus, knowing that this Batman wouldn?t be taking his cues from the popular and truly overrated Nolan franchise. I sat down, thinking that the animated features from Bruce Timm and DC were finally back on track. Since this is a Batman site and we are Batman fans, I?ll add an extra bit just devoted to the Dark Knight (to be posted later). Behold, a review?.

Lets start with its flaws.

Number one:  This might as well have been called Green Lantern. He was really the only one developed on or expanded on as a character. The others were pale visions of themselves, with the exception of the Martian Manhunter. I have to be honest folks?who really gives a crap about MM. Is anyone else tired of him being built up again and again like they did with the pilot movie of the JLA Cartoon (later renamed JLA Unlimited)? He really isn?t that interesting. It?s another alien with convictions. Honorable but dull as paint these days. Anyhow, back on track, Green Lantern overwhelmed the rest of the cast with his own origin story and it quite frankly took the film down allot in points in by book.

Number two: There is nothing design wise in the overall setting that distinguishes it as the 1950?s. For a Bruce Timm Production, it was poor to say the least. The only thing that truly pushes out the time period is the constant dialogue references to Korea and the space race. The retro costumes look cumbersome next to a background that doesn?t appear retro at all. If you eliminate the audio, you?d think it took place yesterday.

Number three: Is it just me or is it getting dull to see the JLA?s first villains be an army of generic monster things that may or may not be (never figured it out to be honest) from space. Didn?t they do that already with the white Martians from mars? Why don?t they let one or more name brand villains be the first adversaries? Considering the general themes of hero alienation from society, you?d think an uber baddie team up would have been the ideal story element to add in instead of friggin dinosaurs.

The story was good in regards to the build up of the ?center? but very underdeveloped since so much time was given to Green Lantern.

As a whole, I can?t really say this had too many merits. I liked the JFK speech at the end?retro suits?not much else.

(Batman?s merits in this are brighter, but that?s for another day.)

Overall, I didn't get into TNF all that much.  It was okay, I guess, but it felt, as you say, too slow with all that focus on GL.  Hal Jordan bores me even under the best of circumstances.

TNF is *not* the best of circumstances.

The Batman, Superman and Flash parts were okay but I could take or leave the rest.