Joker: Folie à Deux (2024)

Started by The Joker, Thu, 4 Aug 2022, 23:11

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Pretty nice trailer.

God, anything that's bold enough to steer away from the same old, same old, standard formulaic Marvel/DC capestuff that we've been saturated with is a resounding plus!

Phillips/Phoenix have earned trust.

A few parallels from the trailer.

Also, there's been some comparisons with the 1964 musical/romance film, "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg".

And either way you cut it, white suited Joker is always cool.

"Imagination is a quality given a man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humour was provided to console him for what he is."

This trailer has energy. This trailer has excitement. The JOKER films know the power of musical montages and juxtaposition, and the emotion it elicits. These sequences from the trailer put the character's psychosis on full blast and show how his state of mind is the character's superpower. Even in a drab cell he can escape to this zany happy place to make his torment easier, and he can also use this mania when killing and escaping.

It seems to me the sequel is going to be a dive into insanity even more than the first. The references to the original film work nicely too, namely the gestures, body language and locations. This looks and feels like the same universe while pushing into new territory. I also dig how it seems Harley exists but could be left up to interpretation just how much of their relationship is real. Can't wait. Movie of the year incoming.