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Quote from: The Dark Knight on Sat,  2 Dec  2023, 01:58Characters like Robin, Nightwing, Huntress, etc are their own thing. Then we have Jace Fox come in and brazenly starts calling himself Batman. That doesn't sit well with me. Miles Morales soured my enjoyment of modern Spider-Man content for a similar reason. Miles is a seperate character but he's also not. They gave him the name and powers of an iconic and pre-existing character, which is a lazy foundation. Without the same name of the original character would anyone care about Jace or Miles?

Miles entered the scene simply because Obama became president, and now there's no shaking him off. The powers that be have doubled down on his presence to become a permanent fixture, having him and Peter on equal footing. I'm at the point where I don't care about the apparent quality of Spider-Verse movies. I just want Peter on his own in a world against the foes as it had been for decades prior. The counterpart evolves to feel like a replacement, which has been indicated with the proposed third Spider-Man game.
The ubiquity of Miles Morales has started making me wonder what anybody ever had against Ben Reilly back in the Nineties. At least with Ben, there was a good reason why his powers were the exact same as Peter's. Plus, Peter and Ben had one massive difference between the two of them that could've made for some interesting character dynamics.

Anyway, the reason why Jon Kent, Luke Fox, Miles Morales and all the rest exist at all is for copyright purposes. Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker and so forth all have copyright expiration dates. And they're coming up fast.

Whereas the replacements are new and the publishers can hang onto them for a long time to come.

I read the first issue of B89 Echoes. A few quick thoughts.

First thing to mention is that the art work is better than in the previous series. It's darker, the colouring is more subdued, the characters more closely resemble the actors from the movies and there's some good use of shadow. I was also pleased to see fewer Burton Easter eggs in the art work this time around, as I'd started to find them wearisome and excessive in the previous series.

Echoes seemingly retcons a couple of things from the movies. (SPOILERS) It's revealed that Gordon figured out Bruce Wayne was Batman before his death and wrote about it in his journal. Alicia is alive and well and has undergone surgery to restore her beauty. No word yet on whether or not Harleen is related to her and Joker, as in the original Batman Unchained script. (END SPOILERS) Not much has been revealed about these characters so far.

The most interesting storyline concerns Bruce's disappearance. (SPOILERS) The plot twist on the final page was predictable. Two things telegraphed it: firstly, the fact Firefly, a villain, would detonate the explosives before the police entered the house in the woods, and thus avoid harming anyone; secondly, his use of the alias Robert Lowery – Hamm wouldn't have named a villain after an actor who'd played Batman. (END SPOILERS) Even though the twist was predictable, I'm interested to see where they go with this storyline.

My main concern is that Hamm might be introducing too many characters and setting up too many different storylines, which was one of the biggest problems with the previous series. But the separate threads might yet converge in a satisfying way. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this issue. It was better than I was expecting after the disappointment of the first series, and it makes for a decent first chapter in this new story. I'm sufficiently intrigued that I'll read issue 2 when it comes out.

Some new things for Vol 2

So, it looks like Martin Short will be the model for the Riddler.
I can see him doing comedic parts, but I don't know about the darker stuff.
Robin Williams proved he could do both.

QuoteI can see him doing comedic parts, but I don't know about the darker stuff.
Robin Williams proved he could do both.

Watch him in Inherent Vice.

Batman Resurrections, set immediately after B89, is being released October 15.

Here's the synopsis:

QuoteThe Joker is dead, but not forgotten. Gotham City is saved, but it is still not safe. By night, its new symbol of hope, Batman, continues his fight to protect the innocent and the powerless. By day, his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, wonders whether there may someday be a future beyond skulking the city's rooftops or the cavernous halls of his stately manor alongside the ever-dutiful Alfred Pennyworth.
But even after death, the Clown Prince of Crime's imprint can be seen in more than just the pavement. Remnants from The Joker's gang are leading wannabes fascinated by his bizarre mystique on a campaign of arson that threatens the city—even as it serves greedy opportunists, including millionaire Max Shreck. And survivors of exposure to The Joker's chemical weapon Smylex continue to crowd Gotham City's main hospital.
To quell the chaos, Batman needs more than his cape and his well-stocked Utility Belt. Bruce Wayne is forced into action, prompting a partnership with a charismatic scientist to help solve the health crisis. But as he works in both the shadows and the light, Bruce finds himself drawn deeper into Gotham City's turmoil than ever before, fueling his obsession to save the city—an obsession that has already driven a wedge between him and Vicki Vale. The loyal Alfred, who had hoped Bruce's efforts as Batman could help him find closure, finds the opposite happening. Nightmares begin to prompt Bruce to ask new questions about the climactic events in the cathedral, and investigations by Commissioner Gordon and reporter Alexander Knox into the arsons only amplify his concerns.
Having told the people of Gotham City that they'd earned a rest from crime, Batman finds the forces of evil growing ever more organized—and orchestrated—by a sinister hand behind the scenes. The World's Greatest Detective must solve the greatest mystery of all: Could The Joker have somehow survived? And could he still have the last laugh against the people of Gotham City?

This sounds way more appealing to me than the comics set after Returns. I especially love that it's going to be a novel, allowing the author to really dig in to the psychological elements and really flesh out details. Not showing costume designs or city aesthetics allows us to imagine them ourselves which I think has more power and a sense of authenticity, especially when the comics don't match up with what we think. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Pre-order links here:

I'll definitely be picking this one up. I think a novel is the proper medium for this kind of story.

While the Burton films were masterpieces by themselves, they lacked continuity when looked at as a complete story. Here's a chance to really explore that period in between movies and create a smoother transition.

While my enjoyment of the story won't hinge on it, I'm curious if any of the previous Batman '89 continuities will be adhered to. Even if it's not an active thought, I predict it won't conflict with the comic or Batman Forever.

I'm in with that "Batman Resurrections" book.

Sounds like a fun read!

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Quote from: Slash Man on Yesterday at 00:22While the Burton films were masterpieces by themselves, they lacked continuity when looked at as a complete story. Here's a chance to really explore that period in between movies and create a smoother transition.
The novel showing Vicki and Bruce breaking away from each other can give her absence in Returns more meaning. I like the Smylex poisoning victims clogging Gotham hospitals subplot, and I think Shreck will be introduced at some point in the story. It would be neat if he's behind these coordinated arson attacks, just as he used the Red Triangle Circus Gang to force a mayoral recall. A clean segue in to Returns would be good, or at least planting seeds to show where the story will eventually lead.