The Batman SPOILER Thread!

Started by Travesty, Mon, 24 Jan 2022, 17:11

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Didn't know which topic to post in about seeing the movie so I figured I'd just do this one.

Finally saw it here recently,  a couple years late but successfuly avoided any spoilers somehow (part of my absence from here). Really enjoyed it. The Batmobile chase sequence was my favorite but overall I really loved the movie. Robert was a great year two Batman, excited to see his Batman and Bruce Wayne both evolve. Michelle's Catwoman is still my queen, I doubt that will ever change, but I really liked Zoe. The whole cast was pretty great. I wish there had been more moments of Bruce and Alfred but I'm sure that will come.

It's a good movie and an even better launchpad for what comes next. What I like most about Pattinson is his silence and general aura which is most comparable to Keaton. His first scene with Gordon at the crime scene is a good example of that. Really looking forward to seeing how he evolves particularly as Bruce, and there's a good chance we'll see him in The Penguin later this year.

Right now for the sequel I'd like to see a villain like Hugo Strange and even go with a straight adaption of Prey. The series has been described as an epic crime saga so I think like Nolan, that rules out fantastical threats. I'm hoping to hear casting news soon for whatever characters get chosen in any case. Even if the sequel gets delayed for whatever reason we've eaten well as fans. We're been fortunate to have had directors like Burton, Schumacher, Nolan and Reeves give different interpretations of the world in solo films.

I've only seen the movie once and that was on opening day in its theatrical run.

But this popped up in my YouTube recommends so I watched it. And I guess I'd forgotten how brutal this Batman is. Some of the injuries he inflicted in this fight scene will be lifelong.

What stood out to me this whole time was the emphasis on Batman as a detective. Which is great. But this Batman is also a major league ass-kicker. And that's something you could argue is somewhat missing from previous incarnations of the character. Yeah, Affleck messed a lot of people up.

But it's still pretty arguable if Pattinson is more deadly than Affleck.

Maybe it's time I finally give The Batman a rewatch...

I rewatched it again for the first time in about a year, and I still love this movie.

I still think it's my favorite live action Batman. Joker is probably my favorite live action CBM, and this is my favorite Batman.

Well, it looks like the sequel is delayed to October 20-friggin-26.

That sucks. I've read a lack of available stages for filming and the script not being ready due to strikes are being cited for the delay. At least we have The Penguin this year. But I have to admit this still hurts the momentum of this universe to a degree. And it makes you wonder when Gunn wants the Brave and the Bold movie released.

Probably should've mentioned this sooner. But Cinema Wins did a video about this movie back in December. Very enjoyable.