Batman's weapons and gadgets in the Burton era

Started by The Laughing Fish, Fri, 19 Apr 2019, 07:19

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Quote from: The Laughing Fish on Fri, 19 Apr  2019, 07:19Handset & tracer - I can't find any info on what these gadgets are supposed to do. My only guess is they're supposed to be working together as some sort of tracking device?

Iirc, the novelization includes a deleted sequence where the Joker kidnaps Vicki and Bruce disguises himself with a makeshift mask to follow her on horseback*, tracking her with some sort of device.

I have no idea if this was actually filmed. But I think Alfred's embarrassing story about Bruce riding horses earlier in the movie was intended to set that sequence up.

Assuming I'm right about all this (and it's been years, I could be totally wrong) then I would assume that the tracker thingie would've been used in the deleted kidnap sequence.

* I assume the horse thing was inspired by TDKR. But that's not based on anything other than a hunch.