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**please avoid major spoilers in this thread***

With the ratings getting skewed on various websites due to people with agendas voting, I was curious how the people here would rate it. For those of you not mathematically inclined, an average rating would be C+

Requesting that people don't vote until they've actually seen the film.

I'll be seeing it on Sunday

I don't see how the critics have an agenda at all. As someone who's a big Batman fan who wanted this to be good, the film was a letdown for me (though as I said, I liked the majority of the Batman stuff). It looks like Paul/ral felt a similar way.

C+ for me.
That awkward moment when you remember the only Batman who's never killed is George Clooney...


The critics were way off here, to the point I find it sad. A lot of work has gone into this, and it's tarred and feathered in the space of days, garnering a reputation it does not deserve. This is a brave, visually gorgeous film and has relevant themes from modern society. It's time people stopped listening to critics and thought for themselves. I've seen so many people who wrote the film off before even seeing it for themselves. Hell, this negativity also got me too. But I have seen it now, and I'm relieved. But I feel for Snyder and Affleck.


Once again, I'm really not understanding the outright hate this film is getting as if it's on the same level of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, cause trust and believe me, BvS is much, much, MUCH more of a quality movie than Trank's FF could ever hope to be. To be perfectly honest, there has been some Marvel films that I go see in the theaters, enjoy them, but don't have a whole lot of desire to view again. Even if I go out and purchase the blu ray the first day it's released, as some are still on my shelf unopened. With BvS, I don't see that happening. I want to go see it again really soon actually.

"Imagination is a quality given a man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humour was provided to console him for what he is."

This is a heavy and dark film, darker than any other Batman or DC product in existence. It makes the Nolan series look like the Teletubbies dancing and eating fairy bread. This is a movie which analyses how people are interpreted and treated by the media and the public at large. For example, people hate on the police, yet when the bad guys show up, who do they want to save them? The level of hate law enforcers receive, or anyone, quite frankly, makes you think, 'well, what do they want? For said person to die already?' And when or if they do, then they mourn for them. They feel sorry about in all, and only then do people reflect on what they had. BvS is a story of 'be careful for what you wish for'. The world is filtered through the media and other perceptions, and you need to see the truth behind the tinting.

I'm going to say A-. Was it perfect? No. Was it amazing pretty much from start to finish? Yes. Is Ben Affleck the best live action Batman yet? Yes, the fighter, the detective, he is just it. Totally. I still love other Batmen but Ben took the top spot.

Is Henry Cavill a really good Superman? I thought yes after Man of Steel and I still do.

My big hesitation going in was EisenLex. Was it my ideal Lex? No. Was it a damn good portrayal of an alternate Lex? Yes.

And Gal Gadot is an amazing as Wonder Woman. And I love Amy Adams' Lois too.

Was this the ultimate badass fight between Batman and Superman we've always wanted? Yes. It is incredible, but very brutal. I hurt for them both. And the way the fight ends and they're brought to the same side (not spoiling anything, it's obvious they team up at the end from the trailers) is great. I cried, legit.

This movie is just so good. I loved it.

Is it possible to have a "Z" lol

Oh dear.....oh f***ing dear.......

Anyone care to join me at the bar? First round's on one of you? And please, make mine a bloody large one!

Quote from: Cobblepot4Mayor on Sat, 26 Mar  2016, 06:58
Is it possible to have a "Z" lol

Oh dear.....oh f***ing dear.......

Anyone care to join me at the bar? First round's on one of you? And please, make mine a bloody large one!
You saw it Cobblepot4Mayor?

Surely a 'Z' isn't needed since 'F' is a 'fail', but can you elaborate on your thoughts?
Johnny Gobs got ripped and took a walk off a roof, alright? No big loss.

I wonder if there's any chance I can get my analysis/review over to Mr Affleck? I'd love for him to see how a fan enjoyed his performance, and the movie itself. I suppose we could tweet my feature, once completed, through to his account, and perhaps he'll come across it?