Batman Prologue/Dance With The Devil (Batman 1989 Fan Film)

Started by PJ, Fri, 19 Apr 2013, 16:33

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There is an interesting new reality show on Sky called "Toy Hunter" in which Batman merchandise from numerous era's often pops up. Last night I saw an episode in which the guy who actually designed the figures for the Batman Returns line was selling off his stock. As a designer I think he had been given one of each figure still on there original cards.

It was quite a sight seeing the actual guy who had designed all these figures that gave me hours of fun as a kid. Interestingly he said the Penguin figure, the figure we love to hate because it looked nothing like Danny Devito, was quite rare back in the day to find. I still have mine but his was still on it's original card so is no doubt much more valuable. So you might want to think twice before scoffing at it's lack of film detail!

Sadly he seemed happy to be rid of his Batman work but not his Star Wars stuff which he had grown up with himself. I wish he had a little more pride in the figures he'd designed for the movie. Arctic Batman was always my favorite.

He didn't seem to have Catwoman though and I always thought this was the rarest. I managed to get it myself at the time but I've heard from others who never saw it on shelves. It's details is still pretty marvelous right down to the eyebrow raising leather straps on her backside courtesy of Kenny. Possibly the one and only time they ever flirted with "escort-like clothing" *ahem*

Also there didn't seem to be a Wayne Manor/Batcave playset. I have mine still in it's original Batman Returns box and I believe it's hard to acquire on Ebay.

Yeah, there kind of is. I'm working on something related right now :)
"Excuse me. You ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?"

Ah, good to know. There's so much thought and effort behind this, I'd hate to see it go to waste