Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Franchise

Started by Silver Nemesis, Sun, 18 Mar 2012, 15:55

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why do you say it hasn't been done justice?

It could be so much more. The brand comes off as juvenile, gimmicky and one note somehow. To be extremely simplified its a bunch of talking turtles swinging sticks and eating pizza. I long outgrew it.

i guess you missed the "teenage" part of the titles lol

omg. i can not WAIT. omg.

i just wish megan had said something besides "AHH!....uhhhhhh *faint*" lol

Looks flat. Is the scene of the turtle hitting the vehicle meant to be a money shot?

Nothing will ever beat the 1990 film. Far too much nostalgic might there to be dethroned. But I'm very much looking forward to this. Just wish we could see more of the Turtle's but I guess this is a mere teaser for the time being. Relieved the voices sound decent although we've only heard Michaelangelo (who's character appears to me at least very familar). Please let Raphael still have that cool New Yorker voice going for him again.

Unfortunately I think William Fichtner, great an actor as he is, is the wrong choice entirely for Shredder. Not liking the melodramatic, gruff, Nolan-esque voice there. Everybody seems to talk like that in a damn action movie these days. It's dull and boring. There is a shot of Megan Fox crouching from some danger in that trailer that looks completely identical to a trailer shot from the original Transformers. Talk about typecasting.

I just want three things: Splinter's voice having a touch of a Japanese "accent" (alla Kevin Clash), the first live-action appearance of Krang (voice by Pat Fraley without question) and also...an appearance of some sort of Partners in Kryme's "Turtle Power" theme song lol


I strongly agree with Cobblepot, the 1990 TMNT film is the best, and probably will remain the best live action movie. It had a tone similar to those original comics in the 80s but it balanced it perfectly to let everyone watch; it wasn't geared towards only for children or only for adults.

This new trailer looks rubbish. Out of all the trailers of new remakes, I must say that this looks the worst I've seen in a while. The Turtles' CGI look off, it reeks of a ridiculous attempt to copy the "gritty" reboot...yeah, Turtles may have been gritty in the beginning, but the franchise works best when it balances grit and humour for everyone to enjoy. And let's face it, humour is definitely not one of Michael Bay's strengths (even though he's producing the film).

I never had the intention of actually paying any money to see this, but now I doubt I'd bother getting around to seeing this at all unless a better trailer is released soon.
QuoteJonathan Nolan: He [Batman] has this one rule, as the Joker says in The Dark Knight. But he does wind up breaking it. Does he break it in the third film?

Christopher Nolan: He breaks it in...

Jonathan Nolan: ...the first two.

Source: http://books.google.com.au/books?id=uwV8rddtKRgC&pg=PR8&dq=But+he+does+wind+up+breaking+it.&hl=en&sa=X&ei

I'll be honest William Finchtner is one of the main reasons I'm excited for it. And I'm glad to see it wont be like the older films where he stays in the suit most of the time like darth vader- not that such is a bad thing for Shredder but it would be a shame to have an actor of that caliber concealed. He's fantastic at playing a layered villain. One who isn't just pure evil but believes in his cause.

Another positive is that if it does turn into a franchise hopefully it'll get done properly; the second film the turtles never used their weapons and the third was incredibly goofy.  It suffered the same fate that our beloved Batman series did of the 'soccer moms' ruining the franchises over violence concerns. Luckily that sort of thing doesn't happen anymore, with the internet parents have nobody to blame but themselves should they fail to properly screen content for their children. I have hope that should this one be successful, they'll continue the same formula rather than try and get greedy and attempt to cash in on a mellowed out sequel.