Classic Monsters references on Burton's Batman Movies

Started by ZUPERZERO, Sat, 19 Jul 2008, 08:56

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Yeah.. plenty of visual references to German Expressionism (1910s-1920s)/Classic horror (1930s-1940s).  Which is appropriate, since Batman is partly inspired by The Bat/The Bat Whispers and Joker by The Man Who Laughs.  Catwoman is based off Hedy Lamarr/Jean Harlowe (1930s film stars).  So it's appropriate to base it off stuff from that period.

Alright, there's big one I just picked up on. This one's from Batman Returns, and it's a reference to 1925's Phantom of the Opera. In the movie, The Phantom attends a ball dressed as the Red Death. During Max Shreck's masquerade, someone is also dressed as the Red Death, in the same position at the top of a stairway. In Returns, however, the Red Death moves out of the way to reveal Selina Kyle. Some subtle foreshadowing in there for the eagle-eyed fan. I'll get some screenshots in to add it to the article.

Here's the image.

I'll also try to share a new version of the image comparing the Vampire and the Penguin; that could really benefit from a different font choice.