Should Knox have returned in Batman Returns?

Started by Bobthegoon89, Mon, 1 Oct 2012, 00:01

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Quote from: Silver Nemesis on Mon, 20 May  2024, 11:19
Quote from: Silver Nemesis on Mon,  1 Oct  2012, 13:05I'd have liked Batman Returns to have been more of a direct sequel to the first film like in Hamm's original script. And as part of that, I would have liked to have seen Knox return.

Twelve years later, and I no longer hold this view. I love Batman Returns' individuality and the older I get the fewer things I'd want to change about it. Maybe tone down some of the sexual innuendo and pervy Penguin moments, but other than that I'd leave it as it is.

Anyway, I saw this video praising Batman Returns on YouTube. The most interesting part of it is a Robert Wuhl cameo at the 17:00 mark. He briefly chimes in to discuss his feelings about not being in Batman Returns and also shares his opinion on the declining quality of the Burton-Schumacher series as a whole.

It's good to see he still has such affection for the role.
I'm still fine with Knox being absent in Returns. If Vicki wasn't going to appear I don't think Knox should've either. They were a tag team and their dynamic worked very well in the first movie. I'm optimistic Batman Resurrection gives Knox a mention, however. Wuhl himself looks really good and in good spirits. No sour grapes at all. Understanding there just wasn't a part there for him in the sequel. He arguably starred in the most important Batman film of all time anyway, even though Returns is amazing in its own way.