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Comic Film & TV / Re: Marvel's Punisher
Mon, 29 Jan 2018, 18:59
Quote from: thecolorsblend on Tue,  9 Jan  2018, 21:19
Watched a few episodes but gave up. A lot like Luke Cage, this show just didn't really grab me. Maybe it's the pacing. Maybe it's the subject matter, eg, Castle's war back story. Don't know but it's just not what I want right now.

I found that too, I actually thought the early episodes seemed on par with the Iron Fist (which I have a very low opinion of). You should stick around though, I thought the second half of the season greatly improved on the first.
Comic Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Infinity War
Mon, 29 Jan 2018, 18:57
With all the super hero team ups going on, I for one relish seeing the lone wolf hero ride solo. It does alleviate the danger and make situations less thrilling when you know that heroes have teams of friends to save them. That's why I think Flash and Arrow would be better without the heroes having entire teams behind them communicating via Bluetooth and instead fighting their battles alone. These characters struggle to stand out in their own shows.

I wouldn't be opposed to the cinematic side acknowledging the TV side, which hasn't yet happened but I could see why Marvel isn't doing it. The MCU has been going for 10 years now and as it is, it is hard for movie goers to keep up. Consider THOR ragnarok which featured two main heroes and essentially has five prequel films (thor 1 and 2, the incredible hulk, avengers 1 and 2). Marvel is asking a lot of their fans being this deep into the MCU and don't forget a big chunk of their target market are kids. It's hard to keep up even for people like us who live and breathe these movies. It would be too much to ask the fans to keep up on the movies AND TV shows especially since not everybody has access to Netflix.

I'm fine with some references back and forth but I think it could be a mistake having any major characters cross over for more than a cameo.
Quote from: The Laughing Fish on Tue, 23 Jan  2018, 12:00

Nonetheless, Azrael's complaints about the plan is a good point. It makes me laugh how people can nitpick and ridicule Lex's plans in BvS and say it has so many plot holes, but if you question anything like TDK Joker or TDKR Bane's plans, they'll turn around and say "oh but if you have such a negative mindset and all films have plot holes". What utter tools.

Absolutely. This is why I'm happier restricting my posts to this forum where people are more reasonable. You could honestly make a case for just about any bat-villain being altered. As mentioned, none are completely accurate but all contain elements from the comics.

Back to the topic at hand, a fifth film probably wouldn't have hurt the character but it could have- if Schumacher went dark and failed, WB would have concluded that the character is no longer marketable and likely nix anything further for a long time.
Graphic Novels / Re: Batman: Earth One Series
Mon, 29 Jan 2018, 18:31
I FINALLY got around to reading this. You guys mostly summed up my thoughts but here's what stands out to me;
-the theme of Batman being sloppy starting out continues here. The first novel featured a sloppy Batman who learns to fight from Alfred, this time around he learns his detective skills from Gordon.
-I get that this is a different interpretation of the characters but I just wasn't a huge fan of the way the riddler was portrayed. His motives and framing Bruce were good, I felt they got about 75% of the character right but the big aspect I thought was missing was his OCD which causes him to get into his own way. Usually the riddler is responsible for his own demise but this time it was mostly Killer Croc. I question the choice of villain as a weak detective doesn't match up well against a villain who is all brains and little braun
-Killer Croc was portrayed in a manner in which I hadn't seen him much- as an anti-hero working with Batman. I liked the tragic treatment he got in this book.
-I wasn't a big fan of the portrayal of Harvey Dent, I thought he was a little too dark and evil. Once you read the character arc though it kind of makes sense. A female two face could be interesting, especially if the face rubbing is meant to imply that Jessica absorbs part of her brothers evil personality, thus causing the split personality

Overall I found it better than the first book. I doubt this series becomes canon given the departures of the source material but it serves well as an alternate reality/origin
As much as I want to see a Snyder cut I wouldn't hold my breath. Look how long it took to get the Donner Superman II cut. Over 20 years have passed since Batman Forever and still no Director's cut. And home video is far less lucrative now than it was before the streaming age.
If Whedon did reshoots on a Nolan Bat-film, maybe the fight scenes would look coherent and Batman wouldn't sound like a chain smoker. I wouldn't call myself a Whedon fan but he wasn't the one who decided to cut JL down to 2 hours, he was just the one who had to actually do it and slap his name on it.
Comic Film & TV / Re: Avengers: Infinity War
Fri, 1 Dec 2017, 07:23
On television I think DC is producing the better shows. Marvel has 3 failures (Inhumans, the Gifted, Peggy Carter) to DC's 2 (Constantine and Powerless)Now daredevil is better than any of the current DC shows but on average, the DC shows are higher quality than the other netflix shows (I'm not far enough into the Punisher to give it a grade but it looks promising). And none of the current slate of DC shows are as bad as the Iron fist, not to mention how DC's team up shows are better than the Defenders.

On the big screen though, how on earth could anyone say the DCEU is holding a candle to the MCU? Nitpick at little things such as the reliance on jokes or 'fun' Marvel doesn't have these production problems with every film requiring a directors cut to give us a glimpse of what should have been. Three times they had issues with actors and all three times handled it with aplomb; Samuel L. Jacksons participation was in doubt going forward after the first Iron Man so Marvel locked him up to a nine picture contract. Terrance Howard and Edward Norton became too difficult to deal with and yet both times the actors replacing them were better received. You don't hear people gazing into the stars on how Civil War with Terrance Howard or Ragnarok with Ed Norton would have been because we're glad to have Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo as Rhodey and Banner. And these were all within the first two films so clearly Marvel has learned how to keep continuity with it's actors. Meanwhile the rumour mill on Affleck's status in the DCEU moves as fast as the Enquirer.

Those rooting for the DCEU to continue (and I'm one of them) should be rooting for Affleck to stay in the role. The DCEU as it stands is crafted and built around Batman. Affleck may well be the lynchpin holding the DCEU together and his departure may signal the end.

As for Infinity War, I hadn't been as hyped about this one due to the drop in quality in Age of Ultron but seeing the trailer got me built up again. I do worry about it being over stuffed due to the amount of characters but this is being split into two films (which should have happened with Justice League).
Quote from: The Dark Knight on Mon, 20 Nov  2017, 00:10
Quote from: The Joker on Sun, 19 Nov  2017, 16:19
It's enjoyable enough, but I really wish WB would have catered to the fans who support the Snyder's DCEU's vision and not so much attempting to win over the detractor's.
You know what's dumb about this?

BvS was 2.30 mins in cinemas.
JL was 2 hours in cinemas.

JL is going to make less money than the longer film.

So the lesson I tell everyone again is to NEVER appease. NEVER take a backward step.
You just end up frustrating everyone instead of pleasing your core base.

The reaction I see around the net is similar to ours. The movie was good but for the love of Xenu, give us the FULL movie.

Superman visiting Alfred, Bruce looking at the Superman hologram, Clark hallucinating Jonathan Kent, Deathstroke breaking Lex out of jail, Cyborg's football past, Lois outing Clark as Superman to Perry at the end, etc, etc. WE WANT IT!

It's so frustrating to walk into the cinema with a bunch of friends who haven't seen any of the trailers, knowing these folks are not seeing the true version of this film. They thought it was a good movie, but their reaction SHOULD have been greater than that. WB really need to stop funkin' around in the editing bay. Put the best version possible on the big screen, not the small screen. Because that's the version everyone is going to remember the most.

I'm afraid WB might nix the remainder of the DCEU after Aquaman. They're probably going to jump to false conclusions claiming the shared universe doesn't work for DC. The problem isn't Affleck, or Snyder, or Whedon. The problem is WB gets in their own way by meddling. Wonder Woman lacked interference from the studio and look how that turned out.

This reminds me of the Daredevil movie; shot entirely to be rated R before Fox stepped in during post production and ordered it to be cut to PG. The difference is Marvel learned their lesson and hasn't done that since while WB continues to interfere and produce lackluster results
Theres dozens of ways to interpret these characters, it's not as if the current cast and crew is the only hope. I think the DCEU will continue, they may not be meeting production goals they set for themselves but none of the films have bombed and they do have one financial success to hang their hats on. Fan reaction should be taken with a grain of salt. There are fanboy groups out there such as Marvel fans and Nolan fans who will hate on any DC project no matter who is involved. We're kidding ourselves if we're pretending that the IMDB wasn't flooded on opening day by fanboys voting 1 without seeing it. Such should be taken with a grain of salt.
Ever since Gylenhall was in the running to  replace Tobey Maguire when his participation in Spider-man 2 was in doubt, his name seems to get thrown around every comic movie. It's not even when a role opens up, seems half the rumours of actors leaving the MCU/DCEU end with 'to be replaced by Jake Gylenhall', before this he was rumoured to take over Tony Stark from RDJ.

Unlike two-face's coin, this reality has two sides to it. On one hand Ben has to deal with critics hell bent on labeling his films as a mess when they come out but conversely the overall fan reaction towards his portrayal has been positive. I really hope WB doesn't win this stupid fight.