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Burton was only planing on having the riddler. The initial plan was to have just 2 face as the villain in batman 3 (this was before the final draft of batman returns), then it was switched to the riddler. Schumacher decided to include both.

I agree 2 face was handled poorly in forever by a great actor. He's supposed to be a tragic character but instead acts like a cheap incarnation of the joker. The riddler was there for comic relief, two face should have been his more tragic self and deserved more of an origin.
I apologize if such as been repeated as I did not read through the ten pages of posts.

I liked Schumachers portrayal of Bruce Wayne. While the Batman scenes got silly, I liked how he had Bruce similar to the Keaton character in Forever but finally realizing he had to deal with his guilt for fear of feeling sorry for him for the rest of his life. I wish they left the scene in when Bruce finds out that his parents death was not his fault. It makes Batman and Robin make more sense. Batman and Robin shows the transition to the next step for Bruce. He doesn't act tortured mentally but he now has to look after Dick and now Alfred as well. I actually thought Clooney made an excellent Bruce Wayne. He's suave and did not act silly as Bruce Wayne aside from a bedroom joke.

I think Dick Grayson was handled well in Forever. He was a great character in and out of the costume. While Carrey was slightly over the top, I enjoyed him as the Riddler. Batman Forever is probably the most family oriented batman film. Burton and Nolans films are more adult oriented (for violence and general adult content reasons), the Adam West version and Batman and Robin seem enjoyable for children but campy for adults. Batman Forever presents a happy medium. I think Forever gets a bad rap due to Batman and Robin. If the original series ended at a trilogy I think Forever would be better perceived.