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Not including ones where solo films have been made or green lighted (Venom, Ant Man).

Which comic book hero should be next to make their big screen debut?
Comic Film & TV / Venom film green lighted
Sun, 15 Dec 2013, 00:26
Flash thompson will be the alter ego, Carnage confirmed as the villain.

It'll break continuity but should be interesting.
Graphic Novels / Arkham unhinged
Mon, 14 Oct 2013, 12:37
anyone read this series yet? Pretty neat if you like the game, fills in a lot of the backstory.
***omitting any video game involving Batman due to already being discussed elsewhere in this forum

the only DC game to be launched on the third generation consoles without Batman was the Green Lantern. Decent enough time waster,  wasn't overly difficult but could have been better given the possibilities.
Superman hasn't been touched in a solo game since the superman returns game (which wasn't half bad but had a weak ending).

Now Marvel has been more willing. Xmen have had some decent games.
The fantastic four had a forgettable game in 2007
Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance games have received high praise.
Spider-man games have been decent enough churning out one game per year from 2007-2012 (spider-man 3, friend or foe, web of shadows, shattered dimensions, edge of time, amazing spiderman)
this years deadpool game was pretty good, mostly a shooter game with hand to hand combat

on the minus side with marvel comes the avengers attempts;
hulk and captain america were decent (if you like the arkham games, give captain america a try, it's fighting is comparable). But both iron man games and thor have been brutally developed. Seems Marvel has foregone tie in games for the time being; avengers and iron man 3 went without games and thor 2 will as well.
I omitted the villains shown in both series (Joker, two face, bane, catwoman). I know the next film will probably only have superman villains but which do you think should be the next bat villains to hit the big screen?
Comic Film & TV / daredevil
Sat, 24 Aug 2013, 02:53
I figured this may be an appropriate topic given the recent Affleck announcement;

at the time it was greenlit, marvel only had 4 modern comic films; the successful x-men and the disastrous howard the duck, nick fury, and captain america (not counting fantastic four since it was only made to retain rights). Spider-man was in production and it was given a January 2003 release date; typically the weakest month for cinematic releases.

Due to low expectations, there wasn't much interference from the studio. Director Mark Steven Johnson was given a budget and given the go ahead to make an R rated film. As filming completed, spider-man exceeded expectations heavily and daredevil was targetted as a potential cash cow; Johnson was instructed to cut the running time as well as reshoot to achieve a PG rating.

The final result was underwhelming. But a  year later, a directors cut was released and deemed much better. Plenty of people who didnt like the first film claim the directors' version is excellent. One key subplot cut from the theatrical version was a drug addict framed for murder by the kingpin. This does help tie up the plot hole about how Ben Urich and Matt Murdock discover Wilson fisk as the kingpin.

A lot of people point out how hot and cold Ben Affleck's career has been. Affleck was on fire from 1997-2002 striking gold with nearly every role after breaking out from Kevin Smith's comedies and Daze and Confused. But starting with daredevil until 2009, he was far more miss than hit. Some people believe that Affleck identified his hot start was his own doing with writing Good Will Hunting and thus Affleck once again took control of his own destiny with the town and Argo.

If you haven't seen the directors cut, you should go and find it; there is an excellent scene with Affleck where his character drives a mercedes despite being blind which shows the actors talent.

The Dark Knight (2008) / two face vs venom
Tue, 30 Jul 2013, 02:14
Something I don't quite understand;

while in production we knew Eddie Brock would be in spider-man 3 and Harvey Dent in the dark knight. At the time, the general belief among fans was that they would be set up as the main villains for the next films.

Raimi was heavily criticized for bringing in Venom for a few scenes and killing him so my question is why did Nolan escape the same wrath for doing the same thing to two face?
Movies / Back to the future
Fri, 19 Jul 2013, 00:10
figured I'd move the discussion here rather than cloud Catwomans random thread with it.

Pleased to see so many people here fans of my favourite film series. Hard to believe we're approaching 30 years and the future from part II is about to become the present.

Anyone play the video game telltale released in 2011?
self explanatory film but one thing thats interesting is that brainiac was rumoured to be in all of them potentially.
So since the avengers the big question is whether DC should bring their heroes together.

One advantage DC has is that their movie rights are basically all under WB whereas Marvel's movie rights are scattered among Disney, Sony, and Marvel themselves. The disadvantage though is that only 3 of their characters have had films, only 2 have had more than one live action and only 1 has had a successful one in the last 30 years.

It's also tough due to the difficulty bringing them together. As fun as their bickering is in the comics, how do you bring the space oriented Green Lantern into the same world as the grounded Batman?

Ideally i'd like to see what the Marvel films started out doing; each film (other than Captain America) featured more references than the last up to the Avengers. If it stops working they can abandon it. I'd prefer to see Batman vs. Superman first as those 2 are the most popular and best fit into the same universe.
Just to explain the options
option #1 would be similar to what superman returns did; make it a sequel to Batman returns and ignore forever and robin
option #2 is self explanatory, basically batman triumphant
option #3 is self explanatory as well
option #4 is have batman in his later years, not really referencing the previous films but made in such a way you could believe they already happened
option #5 is similar to batman forever, have it believed the previous events did happen but without heavy references of them
option 6 and 7 are self explanatory.

I'd love to see an arkham asylum film (which fits option #4). If i got to choose how the next trilogy would go, i'd have the first film with arkham as a main theme, developing the asylum, having the thugs thrown in there but have the main plot become gotham city. The second film would be the 'batman trapped in the aslylum' moniker with the third film being arkham city.

If I had to choose which of the above NOT to pick it would be a complete reboot with an origin, batman begins already did it and as the recent spider-man movie is proving, people dont want to see the same origin told twice.
posting this here as it could contain spoilers

for a first time or once in a while viewing experience
1. the dark knight
2. batman 89
3. batman begins
4. the dark knight rises
5. Batman Returns
6. Batman Forever
7. Batman 66
8. Batman and Robin

for repeated viewing
1. the dark knight
2. Batman 89
3. Batman Forever
4. Batman Returns
5. The dark knight rises
6. Batman Begins
7. Batman 66
8. Batman and Robin
i will post spoilers in this thread in white so if you want to know hover over them (hopfully this is adhering to the forum rules as you'd need to go out of your way to find out)

Catwoman wanted to know who dies; plenty of citizens of gotham die as well as Tate/talia al ghul and Bane.
Merchandise / riddler tie
Wed, 8 Feb 2012, 20:17
anyone know where i can get a green riddler tie?
How is it being celebrated?
Batman Video Games / justice league game
Fri, 2 Dec 2011, 17:13
I know it's been done in the past but now that we're 5 years into the next Generation, what do you guys and gals think about a DC type game similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance? DC doesn't quite have the heroic gallery that Marvel has but they do have a better villain gallery than Marvel.

Maybe stick to a few of the popular heroes; Batman (and possibly his sidekick), Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow and make it more villain oriented.