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I recently read the first run of DC's first black superhero from 1977-79 to prepare for this series. Looking back I maybe shouldn't have.

There is no origin story here. This series picks up 9 years after Jefferson has abandoned the Black Lightning mantle. I guess this is so that the show doesn't need to get bogged down with an origin story and can have the hero show up in costume sooner, rather than later. The problem is that the reluctant hero concept is drawn out over the first few episodes. Jefferson takes a long time to decide to take up the mantle. His butler wants him to come out of retirement, his ex wife doesn't. This is an interesting enough conflict but I thought it was long drawn out considering that we know which decision he will eventually make.

Three episodes in and the basic premise has yet to be explained; exactly how Jefferson can control lightning. The fight scenes in itself are decently shot.

Now in reading the initial comic, it did seem like elements of Power Man, Daredevil, Batman, and Superman were all present. As with the TV show, the main character lives in the slums of Metropolis, a corrupt suburb which is a haven for crime. The villains are the 100, a secret crime organization run by the White Whale who's comic counterpart strongly resembles the Kingpin: he's a powerful, rich, fat white dude who can handle himself physically. For the TV show, this character is altered. He's no longer obese. I'm not sure what to make of this, it is a departure from the comics but at the same time, the character had to be altered to avoid coming off as a replication of the Kingpin. Jefferson is similar to Matt Murdock in the sense that he uses his day job as a high school principal to mold the world he wants to see.

Another complaint is the writing of the two daughters. Sometimes they come off as responsible young ladies, other times they are reckless brats. I don't like that they keep ending up the damsels in distress, that is clichee and makes Jefferson come across as selfish when he only dons the Black Lightning mantle to save victims he has a connection with after sitting idly by for 9 years while corruption takes over his city.

I don't think this is a terrible show, it's not nearly as bad as the Iron Fist but suffers from similar problems (concepts way too drawn out, very little of the Hero in early episodes). If you're longing for the solo hero as opposed to DC/WB's shows which all seem to need to be ensemble casts instead of a hero acting alone, you may get it here although the butler is present.

This show has promise after three episodes.
Other DC Films & TV / Nightwing
Sat, 16 Sep 2017, 14:56
NIGHTWING Director Promises A "F***ing Badass Action Movie" And A "Visceral Experience" For Fans

Quotet's been a while since we've heard anything concrete about Nightwing but we do know that the plan is for The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay to take the helm of the DC Comics adaptation. Now, he's revealed some fresh details about the project and the signs all seem to be pointing to this being something very special indeed. Then again, Dick Grayson definitely isn't your typical superhero!

Here's what McKay had to say about how he plans to handle Nightwing's overdue big screen debut:

"It's gonna be a [frick]ing badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion. It's gonna be a crazy, fun ride. Whoever gets cast as Nightwing, and any of the other actors around, are gonna go through a [frick]ing boot camp experience because it's gonna be a lot. I'm not gonna do a lot of CG. It's gonna be all real sh*t. It's gonna be real stuntwork, and they're gonna need to do all of the stuff on camera and do it credibly. For the cast and the crew, it's gonna be a visceral experience, and for the audience. It's not gonna be like a lot of these movies where there's a lot of CG and flying, and things like that. Everything he does is gonna have to be real. His superpower is being really [frick]ing good, as a human being, at fighting and gymnastics and sh*t like that, so you're gonna see that on screen. It's gonna be fun!"

Honestly, that sounds downright incredible and the right direction to take the former Robin in here.

It very much sounds like Nightwing will fit into Warner Bros. new standalone label for DC Comics movies which have lower budgets and very different tones but it would be a shame to keep a character this great outside of the DC Extended Universe when comic book fans know he suits up as Batman.

We'll have to wait and see on that front but talking about what drew him to Nightwing, McKay added:

"I'm a big comic book fan, and being able to do the story of Nightwing, to do a Dick Grayson story, which is a character that every single person in the world knows, but has never really had a lot of screentime. They make a billion Spider-Man movies and a lot of Batman movies, and they've tried The Hulk. When they were making the Tim Burton movies, they were always like, 'Oh, maybe we'll do Robin in this now. Maybe we'll save Robin for Returns. Nope, we'll save it for the next one.' With Christopher Nolan, people were like, 'Is he gonna do Robin?' When they made Batman v Superman, they were talking about it. I'm a big fan of underdog stories, and he is one of the biggest underdog stories in comics. And he's a character that I grew up with. I like the arc."
I just finished this year and it's definitely a recommended read. We get a lot of stories about the night of the Wayne murders but this prequel book explores a rarely told part of the mythology: the last few days of Thomas and Martha's life.

I don't want to spoil too much but it really establishes the relationship between Alfred with both Thomas and Martha individually, the reason why he was hired to be their butler; to protect Bruce.

There's not much Jim Gordon, the key GCPD players are Harvey Bullock and Edward Nygma
Batman Returns (1992) / Joker references?
Tue, 17 May 2016, 17:04
I know Jack Napier/Joker are never directly referenced but does anyone believe or perceive any nods to the first foe in the second film? I always thought of the triangle gang as cheap Joker copycats; many wear masks and makeup, dress and clowns and do magic tricks and crimes in the vein of the joker (ie using fire and dynamite).
run time 152 minutes

note: Normally when I do these, I separate characters with dual roles into two characters between their true identity and alter-ego but with Harvey Dent/Two face, I kept him as one character as he does not change back and forth
0:00-6:06 Joker
6:06-7:24 Gordon
7:24-10:36 Batman
10:3611:36- Batman, Gordon
11:36-13:54 Alfred, Bruce Wayne
13:54-16:00 Harvey Dent, Rachel Dawes
16:00-18:06 Harvey, Gordon
18:06-19:18 Bruce, Lucious Fox
19:18-21:42 Rachel, Harvey, Bruce
21:42-26:12 Joker
26:12-27:18 Batman, Gordon, Harvey
27:18-28:36 Fox, Bruce
28:36-29:36 Bruce, Alfred
29:36-31:42 Joker
31:42-33:30 Fox
33:30-37:42 Batman
37:42-41:18 Rachel, Harvey, Gordon
41:18-43:36 Bruce, Alfred, Joker
43:36-48:42 Bruce, Harvey, Alfred, Rachel
48:42-53:18 Joker, Rachel, Batman
53:18-53:54 Harvey, Gordon
53:54-55:24 Alfred, Bruce
55:24-56:54 Batman, Gordon
56:54-58:48 Fox
58:48-59:42 Bruce, Fox
59:42-1:03:00 Bruce, Gordon, Joker, Harvey
1:03:00-1:05:24 Harvey, Rachel
1:05:24-1:06:30 Batman
1:06:30-1:08:24 Harvey, Batman
1:08:24-1:09:42 Bruce, Rachel
1:09:42-1:10:54 Bruce, Alfred
1:10:54-1:12:24 Harvey, Bruce
1:12:24-1:13:24 Rachel, Alfred
1:13:24-1:14:30 Harvey, Rachel
1:14:30-1:23:00 Joker, Harvey, Batman
1:23:00-1:27:12 Joker, Gordon
1:27:12-1:30:42 Batman, Joker, Gordon
1:30:42-1:36:00 Harvey, Rachel, Batman, Joker, Gordon
***Harvey Dent becomes two face****
1:36:00-1:38:00 Batman, Alfred, Rachel, Harvey
1:38:00-1:39:24 Batman, Alfred
1:39:24-1:42:06 Gordon, Harvey
1:42:06-1:45:00 Joker, Gordon, Bruce
1:45:00-1:47:30 Gordon, Bruce, Alfred
1:47:30-1:51:12 Joker, Harvey
1:51:12-1:52:48 Bruce, Gordon
1:52:48-1:54:18 Gordon, Fox, Joker
1:54:18-1:55:48 Harvey
1:55:48-1:57:06 Batman, Fox
1:57:06-1:58:00 Gordon
1:58:00-1:59:54 Harvey
1:59:54- 2:14:54 Gordon, Batman, Joker, Fox
2:14:54-2:24:24 Harvey, Gordon, Batman
00:00-2:06 Batman, Alfred
2:06-4:12 Two face
4:12-5:54  Batman, Chase, Gordon
5:54 -7:42  Batman, two face
7:42-10:24 Two face, Batman, Chase and gordon
10:24-12:42 Batman, Two Face
12:42-16:24 Bruce Waye, Edward Nygma
16:24-17:24 Bruce Wayne, Alfred
17:24-19:18 Batman, Chase
19:18-19:54 Batman, Chase, Gordon
19:54-24:54 Edward Nygma
24:54-25:24  Bruce Wayne, ALfred
25:24 - 26:36 Bruce Wayne, Edward Nygma, Gordon
26:36-29:06 Edward Nygma
29:06 33:42- Bruce, Chase
33:42-36:42 Bruce, Chase, Dick Grayson, Gordon
36:42- 40:46 Bruce, Chase, Dick, Gordon, Two Face, Edward
40:46-41:42 Bruce, Dick, Gordon
41:42-46:30 Bruce, Dick, Alfred
46:30-48:06 Dick, Alfred
48:06-51:00 Batman, Two face
51:00-51:48 Edward
51:48-57:00 Riddler, Two face
57:00-57:54 Dick, Alfred
57:54- 58:18 Riddler, Two face
59:12 -1:00:42 Riddler
1:00:42 - 1:01:54 Dick, Alfred
1:01:54-1:04:54 Bruce, Chase
1:04:54-1:08:00 Dick
1:08:00-1:08:42  Batman, Dick
1:08:42-1:10:30 Dick, Bruce
1:10:30-1:15:18 Edward, Bruce, Chase
1:15:18 - 1:17:42 Edward, Two face, Batrman, Chase
1:17:42-1:20:12 Batman, Two face
1:20:12-1:22:00 Bruce, Alfred, Dick
1:22:00-1:24:00 Batman, Chase
1:24:00-1:25:00 Two face, Riddler
1:25:00-1:26:18 Bruce, Dick
1:26:18-1:27:06 Dick
1:27:06-1:29:18   Dick, ALfred
1:29:18-1:31:36 Bruce, Chase
1:31:36-1:35:48 Twp Face, Riddler, Bruce, Chase
1:35:48-1:36:36 Bruce, Alfred
1:36:36-1:37:36 Riddler, Chase
1:37:36-1:38:48 Bruce, Alfred
1:38:48-1:39:54 Alfred, Batman, Robin
1:39:54-1:41:00 Batman, Robin, Gordon
1:41:00 -1:45:12 Batman, Robin, Riddler, Two face
1:45:12-1:46:30  Robin, two face
1:46:30-1:47:36 Batman, Riddler
1:47:36-1:48:48 Batman, Riddler, Two face
1:48:48- 1:52:48 Batman, Chase, Robin, Two Face, RIddler
1:52:48 1:53:48 Batman, two face, chas,e robin
1:53:48-1:54:42 Batman, Riddler
1:54:42- 1:56:12 Edward. Cjase
1:56:12-1:57:06  Bruce, Chase, Alfred
1:57:06-1:57:36 Batman, Robin
One aspect of this film which I think is not getting it's due is Batman/Bruce Wayne's detective skills.

One characteristic of Batman which hasn't been overly shown on film is Bruce Wayne doing his computer work in the batcave before going out in the field at night. Nolan and co. talked about showcasing Batman's detective skills but never basically just brushed on it (Batman setting up a crime scene in TDK and finding out about Selina kyle in TDKR). Schumachers batmans did a little bit. Keaton did especially in the first film solving the Joker. I truly felt that Affleck did it the best in this film especially going to Luthors lair and of course investigating Superman finding out if he's a threat and how to beat him.

Even though Superman is not overly known as as a detective (more an investigative journalist), we see Clark Kent as well doing this at his end and using his skills. This is something I think which could be critical for the justice league especially without the Green arrow; Green Lantern and Flash have been known to act without thinking first, it could be important to have Batman and Superman as the wise ones.
**please avoid major spoilers in this thread***

With the ratings getting skewed on various websites due to people with agendas voting, I was curious how the people here would rate it. For those of you not mathematically inclined, an average rating would be C+

Requesting that people don't vote until they've actually seen the film.

I'll be seeing it on Sunday
Batman Video Games / telltale Batman game
Wed, 9 Mar 2016, 15:24

I'm surprised this isn't a thread yet.

So far the details are vague other than releasing this year in their traditional 5 episode format. The only other telltale game I've played is Back to the Future which I enjoyed immensely. That one was a point and click adventure puzzle game but I'm told they have developed quite a bit since then.

Movies / terminator genysis
Thu, 6 Aug 2015, 09:22
Any terminator fans here?

In my opinion this one was the best entry in the series since T2. Arnold was back on his game. I did enjoy how it honoured the first two films and didn't contradict the last two but also didn't reference them. I know it gets slagged for changing the time travel rules but that already happened with T3 delaying Judgement Day. Now the one thing I'm worried about is that it leaves things open ended at the end and will go down as as unresolved cliff hanger should no sequel be made. As of right now the box office intake is rather pedestrian but hopefully the studios realize how profitable these films can be.
1:06 -3:42 Batman, Robin, Alfred< gordon
3:42-14:42 Mr. Freeze, Batman, Robin
14:42-21:00 Pamela Isley, Bane
21:00-22:42 Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Mr. Freeze, Alfred
22:42-24:00 Bruce Wayne, Alfred
24:00-26:36 Poison Ivy, Bane
26:36-29:12 Mr. Freeze
29:12-31:42 Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Barbara, Alfred
31:42-33:48 Alfred, Barbara
33:48-34:36 Poison Ivy, Bane
34:36-39:00 Bruce Wayne, Pamela Isley
39:00-39:54 Mr. Freeze
39:54-45:42 Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy
45:42-48:48 Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, batman, Robin, Gordon, Bane
48:48-50:54 Mr. Freeze, Batman, Robin
50:54-54:06 Alfred, Bruce,
54:06-56:42 Mr. Freeze
56:42-100:06 Poison Ivy, Bane
100:06-1:01:00 Bruce Wayne
1:01:00-1:07:12 Dick Grayson, Barbara
1;07:12-1:07:54 Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson
1:07:54-1:12:18 Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane
1:12:18-1:13:18 Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Dick Grayson
1:13:18-1:16:06 Batman, Gordon, Robin, Freeze, Ivy
1:16:06-1:19:54 Batman, Ivy, Robin, Bane
1:19:54-1:23:24 Freeze, Ivy, Bane
1:23:24- 1:25:36 Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred, Barbara
1:25:36-1:27:54 Pamela Isley, James Gordon, Bruce Wayne
1:27:54- 1:32:00 Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Barbara
1:32:00-1:33:24 Bruce Wayne, Robin
1:33:24-1:35:30 Mr. Freeze, Bane
1:35:30-1:36:36 Batgirl, Alfred
1:36:36-1:39:06 Robin, Ivy
1:39:06-1:41:18 Poison Ivy, Batman, Robin, Batgirl
1:41:18-1:42:54 Mr. Freeze
1:42:54-1:46:00 Batman, Robin, Batgirl,
1:46:00-1:48:30 Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Freeze, Bane
1:48:30-1:56:00 Batman, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Batgirl
1:56:00-1:57:30 Ivy, Freeze
1:57:30-1:59:45 Bruce, Dick, Alfred, Barbara
**note to mods, I considered putting this in the comic movies section, if you feel that is more appropriate feel free to move it.

I just ordered the special edition of this documentary, here are are a bunch of points I found interesting;
1) Kevin Smith re iterated the 3 rules he was given by Jon Peters; supes can't fly, can't wear the suit, and has to fight a giant spider. Peters denies not allowing him to fly
2) surprisingly Smith admits his first choice for director was Tim Burton based on the success of his batman films. I found this interesting as Smith has criticized Burton for departing from the comics. Smith blames the projects failure as having too many cooks in the kitchen (too many people making too many demands)
3) Burton acknowledged that he hated super heroes, when asked why he made Batman Returns, he indicated that he learned a lot making the first film and wanted to apply what he learned to a sequel.
4) When asked about Jim Carrey as Brainiac, Burton's response was "was he even born yet" (interesting because it was just mentioned he played the Riddler.) Burton confirmed his choice for Brainiac was Christopher Walken.
5) It seems Nicholas Cage was the only choice for supes. Cage said that while he stayed attached to the character after Burton left, he dropped out around 2002. He wasn't interested in the nostalgic version which ended up being Superman Returns. Cage stated he wanted to turn the character upside down.
6) Something kind of humorous is that Bryan Singer had a picture of Cage in the superman suit which he flashed at WB several times when receiving resistance on choices in SR saying "this is what you wanted"
7) Burton acknowledged he'd usually done dark films he said he wanted a challenge of doing a lighter film.
8 ) In Smiths first script (which had the death of super man), Batman addresses metropolis about their fallen hero. This is something WB enjoyed. It was never stated who was slated to play Batman.
9) Tim Burton had dissention with WB as he felt Joel Schumacher F****d up the Batman franchise.
10)interesting side note; in the first Batman film it was actually filmed at the begging for Keaton to tell johnny gobs "I'm Batman mother f**er" WB censoring out the profanity
11) Confirmed that Chris Rock was cast as Jimmy Olson. Also confirmed that Kevin Spacey was the only choice for Lex Luthor
12) the main reason for the nixing of the project is that WB had far too many big budget flops from 96-98: Steel, Batman and Robin, Sphere, the Postman, Major league abck to the minors, Mad City. There were a lot of exectutives fired at WB during that period. At the end of the day they didnt feel Tim could bring a commercial superman to the screen starring Nicolas Cage. It was too dangerous of a film at the time and couldn't afford another bomb. At 1998 it wasn't completelly cancelled, it was only deferred for a potential 2000 shoot with funds and resources deferred to Wild Wild West. Brainiac concepts were used on Kenneth Branaughs character with the giant spider used in the finale. Of course WWW bombed as well which pretty much killed Superman.
13 ) Jon Peters talked about casting Keaton as Batman he said clean and sober is what sold him citing he thought Keaton was a genius. He did say the first batman was his favourite movie he ever produced
14) One thing I wasn't able to deduce is if it would have been a sequel to the Reeves films. Peters, Smith, Burton, and Cage all indicate they wanted to show a superman that had never been done in live action before.
15) Jon Peters called Kevin Smith an amateur and cited his script was not very good.
16) Krypton and Kryptionian technology would have been a big concept in the first act with Kryptonian technology reviving superman.
17) Brett Rattner and McG were the next directors attached after Tim Burton left the project. Basically once Burton committed to Sleepy Hollow he never again had serious discussions to return.
18) Jon Peters believes JJ Abrams Flyby script was the best one never produced, mainly due to a required budget of about $300 mil. One big change in that script would have been making Lex Luthor a Kyrptonian. This was the last rejected script prior to Singer signing on for Superman Returns. He did speak highly of Singers vision but felt Man of Steel was better mainly because it explored outer space and Krypton mroe.
19) As far as how close it got, they were less than a month from shooting before it got nixed. The shoot would have been in Pittsburgh.
I'll start and say one down side to Burton leaving is that Keaton would have been better than Kimer any day of the week.

That being said here are some reasons why I think Burton's third film would have been worse than Schumachers first.
1. Interference; this isn't overly Burton's fault but we saw this happen with Waterworld, Super Mario Bros, Batman and Robin, as well as spider-man 3. Studios interfering with their director rarely work out and some directors even fight back and purposely do a shoddy job to show studios how ludicrous their demands translate to. While Schumacher did get interference on this film, Burton likely would have had a much shorter fuse especially having gone through it twice.
2. Jim Carrey- maybe Burton would have cast him any how but it's hard to picture another actor doing better
3. The decline factor- while we all have aspects of Batman Returns we enjoy, it was quite a bit inferior to the first film. The villains are more far fetched, it's less grounded, and the plot holes are apparent. Had there been another drop off, this film would have suffered.
4. Marlon Wayanes as Robin. Marlon may be funny but he is not a a good actor and never did pull off a serious role. He doesn't have the look and it doesn't seem as though he'd have taken any previous Robin mantles (Dick Grayson, jason todd, Tim drake) but rather his own from Burton (titled Robin). I have a real tough time foreseeing this version being better than Chris O' Donnell.
5. Straying from the comics. While Burton took liberties in his first film, Batman Returns strayed from the comics quite heavily with the villains having little semblance and Max Schreck inserted over familiar comic icon Harvey Dent. Given the rumoured Robin treatment, it doesn't seem as though Burton would have gone back to the source material. Joel Schumacher on the other hand was a fan of the comics and did incorporate grass roots in (for instance the scarring of Harvey Dent).
6. Going out on top. While Burtons final Bat film wasn't better than the first, it was at least competent and enjoyable. Schumacher and Nolan left the franchises with many angry fans. The Dark knight Rises underwhelmed fans with it's slow pace, horrid editing, departure from the source material, and overall lack of Batman. Batman & Robin has been heavily criticized. While Batman Returns had it's flaws, it is far less criticized then the other two directors swan songs with the cape and cowl.
7. Ed Wood. This excellent film may have either not happened or not gotten Burton's full attention had he had another bat film in development. 
00:54-1:42 Bruce, Rachel
1:42-3:48 Bruce
3:48-5:54 Ras Al Ghul, Bruce
5:54-8:06 Bruce
8:06 -10:24 Bruce, Ras
10:24-11:54 Bruce, Alfred
11:54-14:48 Bruce
14:48-15:42 Bruce, Gordon
15:42 -17:06 Bruce, Alfred
17:06-21:06 Bruce, Ras
21:06-23:00 Bruce, Alfred
23:00-28:24 Bruce, Rachel
28:24-32:12 Bruce
32:12-41:06 Bruce, Ras
41:06-43:12 Bruce, Alfred
43:12-44:30 Crane, Rachel
44:30-46:54 Bruce
46:54-47:54 Crane
48:00-49:42 Bruce
49:42-51:36 Bruce, Fox
51:36-53:24 Bruce, Alfred
53:54-55:54 Bruce, Gordon
55:54-58:00 Fox, Bruce
58:00-59:48 Bruce, Alfred
1:01:30-1:03:36 Batman
1:03:36-1:04:54 Rachel, Batman
1:04:54-1:05:54 Gordon, Batman
1:05:54-1:06:36 Gordon, Rachel
1:06:36-1:07:42 Bruce, Alfred
1:08:42-1:11:18 Bruce, Rachel
1:11:18-1:13:18 Crane
1:13:18-1:14:24 Batman, Gordon
1:14:54-1:17:12 Batman
1:17:12-1:19:30 Crane, Batman
1:19:30-1:21:06 Bruce, Alfred, Fox
1:21:06-1:22:18 Rachel, Bruce
1:23:00 -1:23:54 Fox
1:24:12-1:29:12 Crane, Rachel, Batman
1:29:12-1:34:06 Gordon, Rachel, Batman
1:34:06-1:39:48 Rachel, Batman
1:39:48-1:40:36 Bruce, Alfred
1:41:06-1:41:30 Alfred, Rachel
1:41:54-1:42:54 Bruce, Fox
1:42:54-1:48:42 Ras, Bruce
1:49:12-1:49:42 Gordon, Rachel
1:49:12-1:51:36 Bruce, Alfred
1:51:36-1:53:06 Gordon, Rachel
1:53:06-1:54:12 Ras, Rachel
1:54:48-1:56:12 Gordon, Batman
1:56:12-1:57:18 Rachel, Crane
1:57:18-1:59:48 Batman, Ras
1:59:48-2:03:54 Batman, Gordon, Ras
2:04:36-2:05:06 Batman, Gordon
2:05:06-2:06:12 Bruce, Alfred, Fox
2:06:12-2:09:00 Bruce, Rachel
2:09:24-2:11:00 Batman, Gordon
Other DC Films & TV / constantine
Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 02:07
I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's seen it (i'm up to the 3rd episode). Overall it's decent. I'm finding the main actor to be outstanding and enjoy the mysterious reluctant hero side. The supporting cast has been rather bland though. It reminds me of the earlier seasons of supernatural (which I much enjoy over the current ones).
Comic Film & TV / deadpool (2016)
Thu, 18 Sep 2014, 22:23
Finally confirmed with Ryan Reynolds playing him
00:59-2:00 Gordon, Selina
2:01-7:02 Bane
7:03-9:03 Gordon, Selina
9:03-10:26 Alfred, Tate
10:26-12:27 Selina, Bruce
12:27-14:22 Alfred, Bruce
14:22-15:51 Blake, Gordon
15:51-18:52 Bruce, Alfred
18:52-21:53 Selina
21:53-24:22 Gordon, Blake
24:22-26:11 Gordon, Bane
26:11-27:04 Blake
27:04-27:23 Blake, Bruce
27:23-28:06 Bruce, Alfred
28:10-31:09 Bruce
31:09-31:33 Bruce, Gordon
31:34-36:23 Tate, Bruce, Selina
36:23-39:06 Bruce, Fox
39:06-42:47 Bruce, Alfred
42:47-45:42 Bane
45:42-46:11 Blake
46:11-50:54 Bane, Catwoman, Batman
50:54-51:33 Blake, Gordon
51:33-52:59 Catwoman
52:59-55:37 Catwoman, Batman
55:37-59:25 Bruce, Alfred
59:25-1:00:26 Bruce, Fox
1:00:26-1:03:27 Bruce, Tate, Fox
1:03:27-1:05:02 Bane
1:05:02-1:05:44:Blake, Bruce
1:05:44-1:06:37 Bruce, Selina
1:06:37-1:09:08 Bruce, Tate
1:09:08-1:15:07 Batman, Catwoman, Bane
1:15:07-1:17:50 Selina, Blake
1:17:50-1:20:21 Bruce, Bane
1:20:21-1:20:43 Selina
1:20:43-1:21:19 Bane, Fox, Tate
1:21:19-1:21:47 Blake, Gordon
1:21:47-1:23:03 Bruce
1:23:03-1:24:58 Bane, Fox, Tate
1:24:58-1:27:39 Blake
1:27:50-1:31:31 Blake, Bane
1:31:31-1:32:42 Gordon, Blake
1:32:42-1:35:28 Bruce, Gordon, Blake
1:35:58-1:40:29 Bruce, Gordon, Selina, Bane
1:41:25-1:46:00 Bruce
1:46:09-1:46:32 Selina
1:46:48-1:47:15 Blake
1:47:15-1:49:13 Bruce
1:49:16-1:51:12 Blake, Gordon
1:51:12-1:54:27 Blake, Tate, Fox
1:54:27-1:57:24 Bruce
1:58:48-2:00:12 Gordon
2:00:12-2:02:06 Bruce, Selina
2:02:06-2:02:48 Blake, Gordon
2:02:48-2:03:18 Gordon
2:03:18-2:04:30 Tate, Bruce, Catwoman, Fox
2:04:30-2:05:24 Fox, Bruce
2:05:24-2:06:54 Blake, Gordon
2:06:54-2:07:48 Batman, Gordon, Bane
2:07:48-2:09:24 Batman, Blake
2:09:24-2:10:48 Batman, Catwoman
2:11:24-2:13:06 Bane, Gordon, Catwoman
2:13:06-2:13:36 Gordon, Bane, Batman
2:13:36-2:14:42 Tate, Blake, Gordon,
2:14:42-2:20:54 Batman, Bane, Tate
2:20:54-2:21:42 Blake
2:21:42-2:22:42 Batman, Tate, Bane
2:22:42-2:22:30 Tate
2:22:30 -2:24:54 Batman, Fox, Blake, Tate
2:24:54-2:26:12 Catwoman, Blake, Batman
2:26:12-2:28:18 Tate, Fox, Gordon
2:28:18-2:31:12 Blake, Tate, Gordon, Catwoman, Batman
2:31:12-2:32:36 Blake, Gordon
2:32:36-2:36:24 Gordon, Alfred, Blake, Fox
2:36:24-2:36:48 Bruce, Selina, Alfred, Blake

I just picked up the DVD for the feature film. I'm not good at reviews but I'll post some random points. I am meeting Adam West and Burt Ward next month to get it autographed.

-Burt Ward still sounds the same all these years later. They provide commentary for the DVD menus and you can't tell so many years have passed
-Adam West stated the bomb scene was his favourite. I wonder if that is where Nolan got the idea for the ending of the Dark Knight Rises?
-this was the first time they showed Batman and Robin going up the poll changing back into Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson
-the fight scenes weren't censored with the iconic balloons. In the fight scene on the boat, the hitting sounds appeared on screen but didn't take up the screen.
-it was interesting to see Batman foiled by a villains alter ego (Catwoman changing back and forth from her alter ego with Bruce Wayne none the wiser).
I decided to compile a list of which characters were in each scene;. I based it on any major characters and/or characters whom appeared in the comics.

1:00-5:30 the Penguin (baby)
6:30-7:12 Alfred
7:24-12:48 Shreck, Selina Kyle
12:54 -17:12 Shreck, Selina Kyle, batman
17:12 -23:12 Shreck, Penguin
23:12 -25:42 Selina Kyle
25:42-28:00 Selina Kyle, Shreck
28:00-33:36 Selina Kyle
34:48-36:00 Penguin
36:00-37:12 Penguin, Bruce Wayne, Alfred
37:24 -38:12 Shreck, Penguin
38:12 -39:54 Alfred, Bruce wayne
39:54 -40:24 Batman
40:30 - 43:12 Penguin
43:30-44:18 Catwoman
44:18 -45:48 Bruce, Max
45:48 -48:30 Bruce, Max, Selina
48:36 -54:06 Shreck, Penguin
54:36 -55:48 Batman
55:48-57:12 Catoman
57:12-57:42 Batman
57:42-58:00 Catwoman
58:00 -59:30 Batman,  Penguin
59:30 -1:02:12 Batman, Catwoman
1:02:12- 1:07:12 Penguin, Shreck, Catwoman
1:07:12 -1:07:48 Penguin, Bruce Wayne
1:07:48-1:09:24 Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle
1:09:24 - 1:10:00 Penguin
1:10:00 -1:15:00 Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle
1:15:00 -1:17:06 Batman
1:17:06-1:18:12 Batman, Catwoman
1:18:12 -1:19:00 Penguin, Batman
1:19:00-1:20:42 Batman, Catwoman,
1:20:42 1:22:30-Penguin, Catwoman
1:22:30-1:26:00 Penguin Batman
1:26:00-1:26:54 Batman
1:26:54 -1:27:48 Penguin, Shreck, Selina Kyle
1:27:54-1:28:54  Bruce Wayne, Alfred
1:28:54 - 1:31:30 Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Penguin, Selina
1:32:00-1:33::48 Penguin
1:33:48-1:34:12 Bruce Wayne
1:34:12 -1:38:30 Bruce Wayne, Max Shreck, Selina Kyle
1:38:30-1:40:36 Penguin, Shreck, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle
1:40:36-1:44:12 Penguin, Max Shreck
1:44:12 -1:51:00 Batman, Penguin, Max Shreck,
1:51:00-1:55:18 Catwoman, Max Shreck, Batman
1:55:24-1:58:18 Bruce Wayne, Penguin
1:58:18-2:00:48 Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Catwoman
Batman (1989) / character screen time
Mon, 23 Jun 2014, 21:36
During the screening I decided to compile a list of which characters were in each scene;. I based it on any major characters and/or characters whom appeared in the comics.

5:30-6:30 Batman
6:30 -9:00 Harvey Dent, Jack Napier
10:30 -11:48 Jack napier
12:42 Vicky Vale
14:24-16:06 Jack Napier
17:00-23:00 Alfred, Vicky Vale, Bruce Wayne, Gordon
23:48 -28:48 Jack Napier, Gordon, Batman
29:54 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale, Alfred
33:06-34:06 Jack Napier
34:06 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale
35:00-36:48 Joker
36:48-37:42 Vicky Vale
37:42 -38:18 Joker
38:18-39:24  Vicky Vale, Bruce Wayne
39:30 -43:12 Jack
43:12-43:42 Vicky Vale
43:42-45:36 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale
46:00 -48:00 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale, Joker
48:06 48:42 harvey Dent, Joker
48:42-50:00 Alfred, Bruce Wayne,
50:00-50:36 Vicky Vale
50:36 -52:30 Joker
53:42- 55:30 Joker, Bruce Wayne
56:06 -56:18 Harvey Dent
56:24-56:54 Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Vicky Vale
57:24-63:12 Vicky Vale, Jack Napier
63:12- 64:48 Vicky Vale, Jack Napier, Batman
64:54-72:12 Vicky Vale, batman
72:12 -72:42 Vicky Vale
73:18 -73:42 Joker
73:42-74:06 Bruce Wayne, Alfred
74:06-76:54 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale
76:54-81:12 Vicky Vale, Bruce Wayne, Jack Napier
81:12-82:00 Vicky Vale
82:00- 82:48 Bruce Wayne, Alfred
83:06-84:54 Jack Napier
84:54 -86:12 Bruce Wayne
86:18 -87:18 Young Bruce Wayne, young Jack Napier
87:30-89:06 Bruce Wayne, Vicky Vale
89:06-90:42 Batman

The Joker parade
90:48-93:12 Joker
93:00-93:12 Vicky and Joker
93:12 - 93:30 Batman
93:30-95:36 Joker and Vicky
95:36 -96:18 Batman
96:18 96:42 Vicky
96:42-100:18 Batman, Joker

The cathedral
100:18-104:36 Vicky, joker
104:36- 113:48 vicky batman, joker
113:48 -116:00 Gordon, Vale, Harvey Dent, Alfred
116:18-116:24 Batman
credits roll at 116:24