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DC Comics house advertisement for late 1993 following the conclusion of the "Death of Superman/Funeral for a Friend/Reign of the Supermen" trilogy story arcs.

Animated Batman / Re: Batman Beyond
Yesterday at 00:25

1999 Wizard Mag article scans for "Batman Beyond".

Fun trailer! Going off the latest trailer, this does very much appear to be taking the "Ghostbusters 2" route, in that the sequel is apparently taking a lot of inspiration from the Beetlejuice animated series from the early '90's. Which isn't entirely a bad thing, but I would gage that making Beetlejuice something of a comedic anti-hero is going to bring a new dichotomy for a whole lot of people, who only are familiar with the 1988 film. Where Beetlejuice was decidedly a villain, and only briefly in the movie itself (12-15 minutes? Something like that).

But yeah, it's cool to see Burton return to something that he had such a personal stamp of influence on from his younger days, and Keaton returning to yet another signature role is always a treat. Keats excels at comedy. Always has.

Character posters.

Remember the scene where Beetlejuice pulls out a wedding ring in order to marry Lydia ("I'm telling you, she meant nothing to me! Nothing at all!"), and it has a finger attached to it?

Oh, and did anyone catch the brief appearance from Danny Devito?


1988 50th Anniversary Superman poster.

Other DC Films & TV / Re: Superman Lives!
Sat, 18 May 2024, 00:04

In 1999, Wizard Magazine gave Kevin Smith the opportunity to cast his "Superman Lives" script for publication. Not surprisingly, Smith cheekily casts his friends, and actors he previously worked with for the film, but some of his picks are interesting to think about. Especially for the Peters mandated polar bears.


Couple of GxK "retro" style posters.


Supervoid did a script breakdown of the once-proposed TMNT 4.
Other comics / Re: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
Sun, 12 May 2024, 06:28

In 2001, DC Comics ran the "Just Imagine" series of titles, which featured Stan Lee's re-imaging of DC Superheroes. To which, Wonder Woman was one of these.

In this Stan Lee version of Wonder Woman, Wondy is not Diana Prince, but Maria Mendoza. Who wields a divine golden staff (empowered by a Sun God) that turns her into Wonder Woman.

I can't honestly say I was really crazy about this reimaging (or really any of the other "Just Imagine" books), but if there was a silver lining, is that the book does feature Jim Lee on cover art, as well as penciling the interiors as well.

Interesting enough experiment, sure. The novelty of Stan Lee dabbling with DC Superheroes was enough to peak some curiosity. Just not enough to really clamor for more.