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Misc. Burton / Re: BATMAN in HD (USA)
Thu, 22 Apr 2010, 23:01
Cool! I'll definitely be watching.  8)
I'm interested in getting the '89 film later this year.

The screencaps that I've seen at this site look awesome.

What blu-ray drive do you have in your computer and how difficult was it to get screencaps?
Very nice! How do you make them?

*Sees how long the thread is and goes to read*

Nevermind!  ;D
Animated Batman / Re: Batduck!
Fri, 16 Apr 2010, 21:16
Does anyone remember this?
Quote from: gordonblu on Thu, 28 Jan  2010, 00:12
i want to know when WB is going to get their frickin' act in gear and release the whole 75 minutes of this score!

I'd buy it in a second!  8)

I listen to both the score and soundtrack often.
I'd probably get mugged/killed while staring at the architecture.
Quote from: silenig on Tue, 23 Feb  2010, 23:12
Yeah, something like it. Several older movies have been turned into modern 3D games (by modern I mean PlayStation 2 or later generations), with results usually much better than the games based on "current" movies. Games like Godfather, Scarface, and Ghostbusters. Of course, something like this would be highly unlikely, not to mention the cost.

That would be cool. Plus a chance to see more of Anton Furst's Gotham.  You get to see so little of it in Batman 89.
Catwoman is #1

Vicky Vale is a close #2