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^At this point all if this is just rumor and speculation nothing confirmed. However, the theory is not that Wonder Woman will be a Kryptonian like Kal and Kara. I believe the theory is that the greek gods the Amazonians worshiped where actually alien beings that could be those ancient Kryptonian explorers shown in MOS, so the Amazons would be descended from ancient aliens/Kryptonians but would still be earthlings. If this is the way they go it's actually all not that dissimilar to how Marvel handled Thor in the MCU and I wouldn't have a problem with it. You could still have all the awesome mythology stuff from the comics, just now the gods are aliens as opposed to actual supernatural beings (again, just like Thor).
I'm pretty stoked about this actually. The fact that Oscar winner Afleck has decided that to do this means there must be something special in the script. And we may just have also gotten our solo Batman movies director...
^As much as I like that idea, I've actually been hearing that this will be an older late 30's-early 40's Batman. To me that sounds really cool.
While I don't want a direct TDKR adaptation, this could be very cool if handled right. If nothing else I'm really liking the rumors of an older Batman.
Other DC Films & TV / Re: Man of Steel
Fri, 21 Jun 2013, 06:29
I personally enjoyed the hell out of this. It's pretty much all I could ask for in a modern Superman movie, and I don't really buy the argument that it changes or re-imagines Superman (young Kal-El seemed pretty alienated even in the first Donner film). It's taking Superman and placing him in a contemporary context and seeing how it would play out.

Anyway some random thoughts I had already posted at BoF:

*Loved the Krypton scenes, and loved how it was all integral to the plot. Krypton was not just something to show and them move on from, Krypton was felt throughout the movie. I would actually be totally down with a prequel set completely on Krypton staring Crowe and Shannon. I wanna know more about that society, it's tech, it's fauna , it's flora, etc, etc. And I loved the nods to Man of Steel with the Birthing Matrixes.

*Loved the effects of young Clarks x-ray vision messing with him. And how they colored his face when he used his heat vision. Love all those little touches (and of course he emotional core of the film was great).

*Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I gotta say I like the notion that the people of Smallville think of divine intervention before they think alien or military tech when it comes to Clark's abilities. Makes for a good cover I guess. Also really liked how Pete went from a bully to friend for Clark.

*At first I thought Clark's costume reveal was too sudden and almost comical. But when I saw that it's essentially his "training sequence" and him learning to fly (and enjoying it!) I really liked that scene.

*Amy Adams is awesome. The Doctor Who fan in me couldn't help but think of her as Superman's "companion" specially in the way she went with him to Zod's ship and figured out how to beat the Kryptonians with AI Jor-EL's help. She going to the Kryptonioan ship is my one narrative nit-pick for the film (why do they need her on the ship to read her mind if they can read Superman's mind as well?) but it's a minor element that doesn't bother me.

*Zod is scary, layered, complex, tragic, and despicable. Michael Shannon continues to hit it out of the park.

*Cavill is great in the role, he embodies Superman perfectly. His Superman, is strong, confident, funny, conforming, powerful, respectful, ie everything Superman should be. It's yet to be seen if he plays "disguise" Clark as well (if it's even the angle that they go for, seems like the may stick with "regular guy Bryne Clark", more on this latter), but I loved how he played it. I really don't think the "Superman Curse" will strike again, because this guy seems like a bona-fide movie star to me.

*The action was amazing. While I understand why some people may have been turned off by this, I loved how the destruction felt real, like it's going to take years to rebuild. This makes Avengers look like Sesame Street.

*The final fight was an intense at it needed to be, and the way it ended... It ended really the only way it could, and it still showed Superman in in pain over loosing the last of his people. He really didn't want to kill Zod, just like he didn't want to leave Pa Kent to die. But in both cases he absolutely did what he had to. While I understand the shock of seeing Superman do this, it was played in a way that I actually buy, as opposed to Superman #22 and Superman 2 (I don't think Superman would choose to execute anyone after they where no longer a treat). Funnily enough this also reminded me of Doctor Who, as the scene is extremely similar to the Tenth Doctor and the Master's final scene together in  "Last of the Time Lords".

"Welcome to the PLANET". Lord did I love that last scene. And while they modernized Clark's wardrobe wearing jeans and everything, in the end it's just Clark Kent again, dude in glasses. No different hair or anything, just eye glasses (glasses that he only puts on in the elevator mind you). It's like the filmmakers where telling the audience "sure we're going for semi-realistic and everything sure, but Superman's disguise is just glasses. Nothing more nothing less, just glasses. Get over it". I cannot overstate how much I love that. And the fact that Lois knows works so damn well....

Anyway yeah. Cannot wait to see this again. It it's not a perfect film, but I haven't been this satisfied by a superhero film since TDK. Can't wait to see more of this series. 8.5/10
Comic Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who
Wed, 5 Jun 2013, 04:45
I believe io9 mentioned Laura Pulver (Irene Alder in "Sherlock") as a possible female Doctor. From then on out the is in my favorite list to take over the Doctor, either male or female. :)

While I realistically don't expect them to do a female Doctor (although the way Moffat writes it may just happen since he did mention Time Lords swapping genders previously), I at the very lest want a non-white Doctor. Or at least a ginger for Pete's sakes. :)
^From what I can glean from interviews with him is that Keaton never really cared about being a big Hollywood movie star. His Batman fame has allowed him to live the kind of lif he want to live and have the sort of career he wants, be it ding indies like The Merry Gentleman or being in slapstick comedies like The Other Guys. More power to him I say.
Comic Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who
Sun, 26 May 2013, 01:25
I actually really love the idea of Hurt Being "Doctor Zero", but I don't think that's the case. Eleven told Clara how "he's the one that broke the promise" of "The Doctor", not that he's the reason he made the promise. Timemy wimemy stuff aside, The Doctor couldn't have broken the promise if he hadn't made it yet. I agree that Hurt is the Time War Doctor, and he did something much worse than the genocide of the Daleks and Time Lords. So it must've been really really bad if genocide didn't break the Doctor's promise...
Comic Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who
Tue, 21 May 2013, 04:36
True, true. What I expect (and hope) is that Hurt's Doctor will somehow atone for his "sins" in the special and earn the tittle of "The Doctor". That'll also clarify any doubt about remaining regenerations and all that. FWIW, even though Smith confirmed he will be in series 8, part of me thinks his time is coming to an end...(not that this is what I want of course, I love him in the role).
Comic Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who
Tue, 21 May 2013, 03:35
While I haven't been as lukewarm to series 7b as a lot of other people online, I do admit it has lacked the punch of earlier Moffat era series, and I think a good part of that has been due to the lack of multi-episode arcs. But the latter half of this series picked up a lot of stem. I enjoyed everything from "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" onward (I cannot for the life of me understand why people are so divided by "Nightmare in Silver", I loved it). And "The Name of the Doctor", I cannot think of a better single episode of NewWho, or a better single episode written by Moffat. I absolutely loved the explanation for Clara, and the fact that ultimately it was such a simple thing that led to such complexity. And I really can't wait to see more of Hurt's Doctor in November; he has to be the 9th Doctor right? Which would make then Matt Smith really the 12th Doctor, meaning they're gonna have to adress the 13 regeneration thing pretty soon... :)

I'm seriously nerding out about this more than MOS or anything DCu related. Can't wait for November!