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A surprisingly positive review of the film. The comic itself, not so much.
Wanted to get your reactions from this podcast from two fans of the '66 TV show.
Batman (1989) / Burtonize Batman '89
Wed, 12 Jul 2017, 05:52
What if in 1989, Tim Burton had the same creative license he had in 1992? How do you think Batman would have turned out? Let's consider the possibilities:

- One thing would be that there would have been no Prince music incorporated into the film.
- The Joker would have been more like Beetlejuice in appearance.

Can you think of any more?
Lately, I've been working on a radio drama series based on the Dick Tracy comic strips. So far, it's been at a standstill and I'm interested in doing something similar. I came across the notion of adapting the first film into a radio drama that can be distributed on the Internet. This would be an interesting opportunity to include material from the initial drafts of the script to make a more definitive incarnation of the story. I'm posting to here to see if there's interest in seeing it produced and who would be interested at all in contributing. Let's get to work!
I've been pondering just what if a film like Batman Forever or Batman & Robin had been released in 1989. The public consciousness was still in tuned with the television show and Schumacher's vision was much more like it, especially with Batman & Robin. What would it have been like?

Of course, it would have been a different story, as Tim Burton worked with Sam Hamm to develop the script. Keaton wouldn't have been considered and Nicholson may not have done it, due to his reservations about the tone, but I guess you can't turn down a deal like the one he got. We most likely would have had Robin in the film.

This guy has posted some good stuff here. Be sure to look at the video detailing the writing of the novelization.
My God, it's cut to ribbons! They sacrifice entire scenes in order to fit in atrociously long commercial breaks. It's more like a highlight reel.
A poster on IMDB noticed the dates that were on the editions of the papers throughout the film, particularly one addressing that it was November 7th on a Friday, which is what day it fell on in 1986. Thought it'd be nice to share, since November is just around the corner, which I always felt that's when the film was supposed to take place, late October to November. It's also interesting to note that the film's first draft was dated
October 20, 1986.
Part 1:
Part 2:

I always enjoy different perspectives of these films and this one was no exception. I agreed and I disagreed! They also covered the other films, which I will read another day.
Taken from Comics Interview #88

"I thought it had a great mood and the two characters were great. I thought the storytelling sucked. You know, they didn't let the audience root for Batman. He didn't do anything. The only scene that was really good was where he rescued Vicki from the museum and then he stops in the middle of traffic, gets out and walks and everything goes to hell. Hopefully in the sequel, it'll be a little tighter storytelling, but the certainly the mood and the way they played it straight was great."
It's interesting, because following it will be Rocky II - V.  :-\
Starting in June, I will be hosting a weekly internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio titled Comic Book Movies in Retrospect, discussing the various aspects of films adapted from comic book material and I will need guests willing to take part. If you wish to do so, let me know what time works out the best. In commemoration of the Blu-ray release, the month of June will be devoted to the Superman films.
Batman (1989) / Batman Blu-ray Digibook
Sat, 23 Apr 2011, 16:21
Does anyone have this? I'm wondering what annotations were made in the script portion of the book.
Batman (1989) / Batman '89 On BBC America
Fri, 8 Apr 2011, 00:47
If you have BBC America on your cable provider, they'll be showing Batman '89 on April 7th at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 central time.
Has anyone ever noticed that amongst the pictures of Max posing with celebrities (Elvis, Sammy Davis, Jr., etc.) is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a.k.a. Victor Fries? How did they know?!
How fitting it was for me to be born on the day this premiered (along with my grandma's birthday) in the year when my favorite Batman film was released.