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I like the idea of Max Shreck being expanded upon in this "Resurrections" book, as I think the author can really build upon what we saw out of Max in BR. We get the idea that Bruce and Max were acquainted with one another in BR, and we understand that the business relationship is contentious to say the least, but what led up to that? If, evidently, the aftermath of the Joker's smylex attack on Gotham City is going to be more elaborated upon (and this can go into some incredibly dark places if the author chooses so), I can easily see Max, being the opportunist that he is, swooping in with PR stunts to curry favor with the Gothamites for his own gain. Max was presented as nearly 'untouchable' in BR as far as lawfare goes, but what transpired between B89 and BR for Max to get to that level?

Going back to the aftermath of the Joker's attack on Gotham, I can't help but think of 1954's "Gojira", where following Godzilla's attack on Japan, we see images of people who survived the attack itself, but are now dying of radiation poisoning. With children crying and distraught over their parents slowly dying in front of them, ect. You just know the Joker's "Gotham Shopping Nightmare" had equally horrific outcomes. You made it thru? Great! Now how about every member of your family who lives in Gotham? Your friends? Co-workers? How many famous Gotham socialites perished? I can't imagine it was just models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler whom unknowingly poisoned themselves with Joker's brand...

Who's Who in the DC Universe profile on the Golden Age Earth-Two Wonder Woman.

Being that this incarnation of Wonder Woman was also a survivor of "Crisis on Infinite Earths", it was cool seeing her return to correspond with the Post-Crisis Wonder Woman during "Infinite Crisis" 20 years later. She soon after faded away (possibly from existence? It was never resolved to my knowledge.) given that she departed from her refuge at Mount Olympus without the Gods' blessing in order to plea to Diana to be more 'human', and intervene between the battle of the Earth-Two Superman, and Post-Crisis Superman.
Quote from: thecolorsblend on Tue,  9 Apr  2024, 02:48Great find. It's interesting to contrast Singer's apparent humility with the first X-Men as compared to almost critical mass ego he displayed in the run up to Days Of Future Past.

Then again, DOFP is a vastly superior film to the first X-Men. So, maybe Singer with an out of control ego makes for a great X-Men film?


I don't even hate X3, but it really makes you wonder what X3 would've been like with Singer, had he chosen to stay on rather than hop over to Warners for "Superman Returns". I'm sure Fox would have acquiesced to Singer's ego and demands considering his success with X1/X2. He pretty much had all the cards in his favor at that point.
Current Runs / Re: Batman '89 (2021)
Yesterday at 01:01

I'm in with that "Batman Resurrections" book.

Sounds like a fun read!
Pretty nice trailer.

God, anything that's bold enough to steer away from the same old, same old, standard formulaic Marvel/DC capestuff that we've been saturated with is a resounding plus!

Phillips/Phoenix have earned trust.

A few parallels from the trailer.

Also, there's been some comparisons with the 1964 musical/romance film, "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg".

And either way you cut it, white suited Joker is always cool.


What I am about to write doesn't really have anything to do with "GB Frozen Empire", but I don't think we have a general discussion Ghostbusters thread, so I'll just place it here.

Anyways, finally got the opportunity to check out the "Preview Cut" for GB1, and what an interesting experience this was! It's a very raw cut for sure, with absolutely no music whatsoever, and some scenes being absolutely silent (the montage sequence for example), along with the ghosts being somewhat omitted (although some are occasionally achieved via storyboard-like animation) due to the SFX not being completed (unless it's involving terror dog puppet work and many of the ghost scenes are in black and white, BTW), but what is here is deleted scenes, alternate takes, expanded scenes (even if it's ever so slight), different line deliveries, ect ect.

For someone who pretty much knows GB1 forwards and backwards, this raw "Preview Cut" is definitely something else, and a gem to behold to be perfectly honest. Hopefully this gets added to a future blu ray release outside of the pricey Ultimate 4K Collection set a few years back, cause this really and truly deserves to be seen by more Ghostbusters fans. If purely for the experience of seeing GB1 in such a raw 'workprint' like format with all the neat differentiating scenes and dialogue.
Movies / Re: Matrix 4 Coming Soon
Sat, 6 Apr 2024, 00:32


"The Matrix Resurrections grossed $40.5 million in the United States and Canada, and $118.7 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $159.2 million against a budget of $190 million."

So the last Matrix movie grossed just $40.5 million in the U.S.? I didn't realize (or simply forgot) it did that bad, but alright. Did "Resurrections" do very well on home media/HBO Max or something? If Matrix had a pretty decent merchandising machine behind it with toys, and shirts (ect) I guess I could somewhat understand the thinking here, but there's really nothing to speak of on that front either. That machine came and went back in 2003.

As for another Matrix? Ehhh ... F it. Why not? lol Despite this being a 'curious' project Warners wants to financially explore, and MR being incredibly dull, it's not something I would be completely uninterested in (damn my nostalgia). The budget sincerely needs to be adjusted though. Severely.

I guess not all hope is lost with Keaton and "Batman Beyond" with Warners after all if something like this is being advanced.  :D
Graphic Novels / Re: A Death in the Family
Sat, 6 Apr 2024, 00:11
Quote from: Slash Man on Wed,  3 Apr  2024, 23:17Hope they have a TPB collection that includes the alternate #428. Every comic shop I went to was either sold out or didn't carry it. Wasn't about to go out of my way for a single issue.

I had to settle for a 2nd printing, but yeah, hopefully the trade includes that alt #428 as well. It would make all the sense in the world to include it.

Going back even further, here's a 1995 fan casting for a JLA movie by Wizard Magazine.

While the Lex Luger, and Arsenio Hall castings are very amusing, some of these castings are pretty legit for their time. A 1990's William Sadler as Reverse Flash isn't a bad idea at all really. Especially when you think about his villainous role in "Die Hard 2". Bruce Campbell as Hal Jordon would've been anything but wooden. Can't say I'm familiar with Rachel McLish, as I never followed female bodybuilding, but that's not a bad photo to be perfectly honest here, and visually speaking, you could do a lot worse with casting Wonder Woman (I remember essentially thinking the same with Megan Gale being temporarily cast as Wondy for George Miller's cancelled JL movie).


Wizard Magazine article on what was being talked about thru the grapevine about the casting of the-then upcoming "X-Men" movie.