Superman: One of Us
by The Dark Knight

I make no secret I am predominantly a Batman fan.

However, I have developed a kindred spirit to the Man of Steel, especially upon watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The character bursting with superpowers is apparently difficult for audiences to relate to.

I have found the exact opposite to be true.

In fact, Superman is something of a commentary on the modern man’s journey through life.

Throughout the film, Superman goes through the ringer, emotionally and physically.

It brings us back to the fact the character, at his core, is a grassroots hero.

Yes, he’s an alien, but he’s essentially one of us given his Earth upbringing.

Despite his power, Superman has always been humble.

He is a classic tale of the country boy moving to the big city, trying to put his own stamp on the world.

Optimistic, with good intentions and hoping for the best.

But like reality, it’s not all that simple.

Like most people, Clark Kent goes to work every day and can be ridden like a bull by his superiors, told off and told what to do.

The Daily Planet is presumably another one of those fast moving, pared back contemporary workforces with people doing more for the same pay, or in some case, less pay.

And like everyone else, Clark has to earn his stripes and bite his tongue to avoid conflict.

Clark and indeed Superman, is often trying to not overstep his mark to keep the peace, even though he is not always appreciated for the talent he is.

That’s the beauty of the Clark Kent character.

You can be overlooked in life, and people don’t really know what amazing things you are capable of.

They might not actually know who you are, period.

In Clark’s instance, away from his desk and the daily grind, he’s Superman.

Clark Kent is a reflection of the decent everyday man wanting to do an honest day’s work, and to simply get through the day without an office drama or incident.

Superman restrains himself because he’s being kind.

That’s who he is.

A villain would abuse their power.

Superman could very easily be the overbearing dictator ruling the world with an iron fist, but he simply chooses not to.

He’s better than that and always adheres to his own personal standards even when they are challenged.

That is a lesson for us all.

During the film, Superman always has to prove himself.

The question of Superman’s place in the world runs through the news media like wildfire, much like modern society, where people are hounded and put under a microscope until they crack.

His intent is questioned, but Superman continues to save people regardless.

Super powers or no super powers, when it boils down to it, Superman just wants to do the right thing.

Ironically, no matter what Superman does it just never seems to be good enough.

This is the case for everyday people – your work is either undervalued, or the more you do, the more you are expected to do.

Given his power, Superman lives in a world of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

These are very relatable and relevant themes.

But away from his superhero duties, Clark has Lois Lane.

She knows the good person Clark really is and she represents Clark’s respite from the world.

We all need to have some form of relief in our everyday lives to keep us sane and grounded, to know what truly matters and what doesn’t.

We need someone to talk to, to confide in.

It is important to note that despite all of the public hounding regarding his place in the world, Superman remains Superman.

It is the world that is dark, skeptical and cruel.

Superman doesn’t become any of these things, and he instead remains steadfast as an example humanity should aspire to.

He may be invulnerable physically, but his mind seems to be the true superpower given his level of mental discipline.

This is a man aspiring for something unachievable - peace on Earth and harmony in the human race, and he won’t back away from that ideal.

No matter what, Superman is always there waiting for humanity to join him in the sun.

And he’ll wait as long as it takes.

This is someone destined to outlive us all, to be the last person roaming the Earth.

Superman may have alien roots, but he’s as human as anyone.

Kryptonite is not his only weakness.

Superman has thoughts, feelings and fears, and while he can be dissuaded at times, he always comes back to do the right thing.

Batman and Superman are perfect complimentary characters given their common desire for justice, but with differing ideologies and modus operandi.

Superman isn’t the billionaire playboy, he’s he journalist with his ear to the ground.

The good man with good intentions, looking to help and expect nothing in return.

Such personalities are still very much needed in our society, perhaps more than ever, and with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I think it’s about time these people were given the respect they rightfully deserve.

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