Fun tips for a cool Bat-family-movie-night

Chowing on popcorn and watching Batman movies can be a great way for the whole family to bond over the Caped Crusader!

However, some nights you may want to go big with the movie, and eventually (hopefully soon) there will be another Batman theatrical release. On these occasions, your whole family can make the most out of the movie and show their Dark Knight devotion by dressing like Batman characters. Here are three tips for how to do this in ways that can be as quick, cheap, easy and as authentic as you make them.

1. Pajamas and Manufactured Costumes
Considering that Batman has been hugely popular for the better part of a century now, there is no shortage of Batman costumes. The costumes run the spectrum from cheap kiddie Halloween ones to theater quality replicas that can cost thousands of dollars. While store bought outfits are definitely one of the easiest ways for you and your family to look like characters from Batman, they don’t offer much creativity or versatility. For example, you may wear them once for a new Batman movie, and then a couple times a year for Halloween or parties. If they are for kids, you’ll be lucky if they get to wear it twice before outgrowing the costume.

Another, more versatile option is to get your children kids Batman pajamas. Because pajamas have every day uses, they can be worn as many times in a week as a costume is likely to be worn in a year. Some other advantages of these are that if they are watching the movie at night, they can go straight to bed after, and if they fall asleep during it, you won’t have to worry about waking the kids up to change into nightwear.

2. Face paint
Face paint can be a quick, inexpensive and fun way to look the part when your family watches a Batman movie. In addition, face paint can be a great way for you to express your creative sides and drawing talents. Best of all, depending on how much time you want to spend and your skill level, you can spend two minutes drawing on Robin’s mask, or you can spend hours drawing out every detail of Two-Face’s two faces.

Since The Dark Knight came out, Joker face paint has been very popular. Not only is he one of most iconic Batman characters you could make with face paint, he is also can be one of the most simple (or the most advanced, depending on your skill and dedication). For a simple Joker look, you just need red lipstick, eye shadow and white face paint. After your face has been painted white, try smiling as widely as possible. This should make it easier to trace the Joker’s exaggerated grin with red lipstick. For females, Harley Quinn can be another great option face paint option.

3. Make Your Own
Making your own costume can be very easy for some characters, especially if you combine it with face paint. For example a Two-Face costume can be made with just face paint and a cheap blazer picked up from the thrift store with half of it spray painted white or torn up (depending on which version you are going for). With Harley Quinn, a powdered face and one of those jester themed winter hats can take you a long way.

Other characters, like Batman himself, can be more difficult but still not too hard. With dark gray or black long underwear, a cape made from a sheet, vinyl or leather gloves, and black rain boots, the costume should be most of the way there – however, making the mask may take a little sewing skill (or just cheat and buy one). By sliding in a pair of shoulder pads, or partially inflated balloons, you can make fake muscles that look huge. Accessories are important too. If you are going for an old school Batman, a cheap yellow belt with some cardboard batarangs can add an extra air of authenticity. If you are getting discouraged, just remember that you families first try at making their own costumes probably won’t be perfect. However, the fact that you tried will be testament to how big of a Batman fan you and your family are.

Sitting down with your family for a Batman movie can be fun for everyone involved. However, to get even more engrossed in the film, you can dress the part. This can be as simple and cheap as throwing on a cape, as expensive as buying a professional quality costume, or as creative as making your own.

No matter which option you choose, it should definitely show how dedicated you are to the Dark Knight!

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