Book Review: "The Boy Who Loved Batman" by Michael Uslan
by Paul (ral)

If you are a regular visitor to this site...or a Batman fan in general, you will know exactly who Michael Uslan is.

For those of you who don't know - he's a pretty big deal when it comes to Batman.

In fact, the reason you are a Batman fan (and the reason this site exists) may just be down to this man and his vision to see Batman elevated from the campy excesses of the Adam West 60's TV show - and all the connotations it had for the character of Batman - to a dark and serious vigilante we know and love today.

Michael Uslan may now be Executive Producer on one of the biggest film franchises on the planet, but once upon a time he was a kid from New Jersey - who LOVED comic books. This is his story of how he went from collecting thousands of comics to becoming a movie producer - via radio shows, teaching comic book course in university, writing comic books and studying/practising Law.

The book itself is quite frank...inspiring Michael passes on his life lessons, gained not just in the film and comic industry, to the reader. There are no great revelations to behold, but at times I did find myself gasping a little and saying "Michael you are crazy" as he took the odd (educated and calculated I suspect) risk with his career.

Some pay off, some don't. As is life. And that is exactly what this book is. A great account of his life - who influenced him, the luck he garnered and the hard decisions he made. In that respect the book is very relatable...our lifes are essentially that - luck and hard work!

I also found the book to be an education in to the history and workings of the comic book industry over the years as seen from his perspective.

Michael accounts the rise of the "Comic Con", being one of the pioneers of it and talks in great depth about his comic collection. There is great excitement and love in his words for comics (and their characters) and this really does come through in the book.

Most of the book is about family - those we are born into and those friends we consider family. There is also great excitement and love in his words for his family - this is also relatable. I would have liked more insight into the 1989 Batman film but I did learn a few things I didn't know.

All in all I highly recommend "The Boy Who Loved Batman". I didn't know much about "Mr Uslan" before seeing him on the Batman DVD special features. After reading this book, I feel like I have spent a good many hours in the great company of "Michael".

Rated: 8/10

BTW: The layout and artwork is looks real nice sitting alongside my comics on the shelf!

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