Christopher Fairbank Interview
by Paul (ral)

In the opening scenes of Batman we saw justice dispensed to two street thugs. One of those thugs, Nick, was played by British actor Christopher Fairbank.

It still remains one of the most memorable Batman film scenes to date - with Michael Keaton informing us that he was "Batman". Christopher sheds a little light on his role to Paul Rodgers.

Paul: Can you tell me how you came to be involved with Batman?

Christopher: Through the usual channels - ie, a successful audition!

Paul: Were you a Batman fan before the movie? If so, how much of one?

Christopher: At that time I was only a fan of the tv series.

Paul: How does it feel to be one of the first guys to be beat-up by Batman in the movies?

Christopher: I guess I felt highly honored!

Paul: The shot where Batman grabs you and holds you over the roof ledge is considered by many as one of the most iconic scenes in the movie. How was that shot performed?

Christopher: It was a contraption not unlike an old fashioned swing-bridge that was operated manually to which I was roped around the waist, attached to said swing-bridge and on que was gently shoved-out with a 60-foot drop beneath me. It took a great deal of choreography and nerves of steel!

Paul: Was there much discussion of the scene with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton. Were there any unused ideas bouncing around?

Christopher: No - all 3 of us were but of a single thought and that was worked-out and used. No time was wasted and the producers were very happy.

Paul: You fired a gun on set. Is it something you had done before?

Christopher: I've fired loads of guns!

Paul: Did you have any make-up on during filming? If so, what did it consist of and how long did it take to apply?

Christopher: Yes I did have make-up but nothing too complicated so it didn't take very long to apply it.

Paul: How long were you on set?

Christopher: I was on set for a week.

Paul: Did you have much time with the other cast and crew? Do you have any good / bad memories that you could share?

Christopher: Well it was such a fast week that I didn't really have any quality time to spend with the cast and crew.

Paul: Did you do anything to prepare for the role?

Christopher: My preparation for the role mainly revolved around learning my lines.

Paul: Some of your scenes are quite action-packed (presumably with stunt doubles). Did Tim Burton film all of it or was some second-unit directed?

Christopher: Tim Burton filmed all of it - there was an additional set-up with a second unit but they weren't used in the end.

Paul: How was the hype for you after the film was released?

Christopher: I was largely unaffected by the hype surrounding the film.

Paul: Did you get to keep any souvenirs from the film?

Christopher: I didn't keep any souvenirs except when it was all over I was sent a Bat-Clock which I gave to my niece who at the time was 3 years old.


Thanks to Christopher Fairbank for giving up his time for this interview. Thanks to Anna and Lexy for all your help too!


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