Footlight Frenzy - Diz White Interview
by Paul (ral)

During the flashback scene depicting the death of Bruce Wayne's parents we see the Wayne family leave the Monarch Theatre having just watched "Footlight Frenzy".

In case you were unaware, Footlight Frenzy is an actual play. Paul Rodgers spoke to the creator and star of Footlight Fenzy, Diz White, to find out how the play ended up being used for Batman.

Paul: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us - next year will mark 20 years since the release of Batman and there are lots of untold stories out there!

Diz: It is very nice to hear from you and to know that you have this great website.

Paul: As you know, posters of your play Footlight Frenzy were used for scenes in the first Batman film in 1989. Can you tell me how that came about?

Diz: I was contacted by Warner Bros, the producers of Batman, and was asked permission to use the title of my play for the Batman film.

Paul: For many years (while growing up as a child), I wasn't aware that Footlight Frenzy was an actual play (I live in Ireland...we are an uncultured lot).

Diz: The name of Footlight Frenzy came about because it describes the action of the play - which is a play within a play. It is set during a farce so there is lots of manic action - hence the frenzy part of the title.

Paul: Were you offered any roles in the Batman movie as a part of it?

Diz: I was not offered a part in the Batman movie.

Paul: I always considered it as part of the Batman movie...since the artwork on the poster fits in perfectly with the retro art-deco look of the movie.

Diz: The posters were designed by Warner Bros. As payment for the use of the title of my play Warner Bros. gave me three posters.

Paul: Do you still have the posters?

Diz: I recently sold all three original posters.


Diz also indicated that she has a smaller copy of these original posters which are approximately 13inches by 17inches for anyone interested - signed by herself (her name appears within the design of the poster) for sale. She also has a signed DVD of the Showtime production of Footlight Frenzy - and a signed copy of the Samuel French edition of the play for sale.

If you are interested in aquiring one of the pieces for your collection you can contact Diz via her website -

Thank you very much Diz for being our first ever interview!

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