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Game over man?!
Added: Sat, 18th Feb 2017 by Grissom

    The news that no Batman/DC film wants to hear at the moment is that acclaimed director, Matt Reeves, has reportedly exited the solo Batman film. After about a week of negotiations, it has been reported today that talks broke down between Reeves and executives over at WB. The source however claimed that once cooler heads prevailed, the talks could possibly resume.

   The solo Batman film, tentaively called The Batman, has gone through a mirade of changes from several rewrites to initial director, Ben Affleck, dropping out. In recent days, other directors such as Ridley Scott have been rumoured to be on WB's radar as possible director, if Reeves did not get the job. It has been reported that WB is quite happy with their latest script, which was co-written by Affleck and DC Films co-head Geoff Johns. Whether it was creative differences or control, we'll keep you posted on the latest happenings surrounding the highly-anticipated film.



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