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Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan practically confirmed as Batman in Flashpoint?
Added: Wed, 13th Dec 2017 by Grissom

      It's been rumoured and hinted at, time and time again that Jefrrey Dean Morgan, who portrayed Thomas Wayne in 2016's Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, is more than likely to take on the mantle in the upcoming Flashpoint. DC Films recently revealed at Comic Con Event in Brazil, that Flashpoint will be one of their follow-ups to Justice League. In Flashpoint, the Speedster accidentally changes the DC Universe timeless where we see Bruce dying instead of his parents. This caused Thomas Wayne to become Batman and his mother, Martha Wayne, to take on the villainous role as The Joker.

      Morgan said in a recent interview," There's a role in the DC Universe I've got my eye on." Since Morgan portrayed Thomas Wayne in the flashback scene at the beginning of Dawn of Justice, it is therefore logical that he will assume the role of Batman in Ezra Miller's upcoming solo film. Once the film stays very true to its source material, we'll see Thomas Wayne as Batman and also Aquaman and Wonder Woman at war.

     There is no definitive release date for Flashpoint, but work is expected to start very soon.



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