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UK NOT getting exclusive 25th Blu-ray for Batman (1989)
Added: Thu, 25th Sep 2014 by Paul (ral)

UPDATED: Tue, 11th November 2014

I've just received a message from Zavvi regarding the inaccurate features listing for the Blu-ray on their site.

The information stated was sent to them by Warner Bros. It's all rather strange, especially when you look into our other news item about "The Making of a Hero" documentary.

On closer inspection the back of the Zavvi 25th Anniversary Blu-ray even states "Includes All-New Bonus Features" despite only having a singular feature listed as "All-New".

Obviously, something changed late in the creation of the Blu-ray and packaging.

ZAVVI said they will update their site to reflect the actual feature on the disc - as of 1pm GMT today they haven't. They have also offered a full-refund if you return the set unused (as they would normally) or a partial refund if the disc was bought expecting the documentaries  "Batman Reunited" and "Making of a Hero".

UPDATED: Fri, 7th November 2014

Those of us in the UK have received our copies of the ZAVVI "exclusive". Unfortunately the only new documentary included is "Birth of a Modern Blockbuster". 

It's unclear where the confusion has arisen - as Zavvi still list "Batman Reunited" and "Making of a Hero" listed as features. This is disappointing to say the least, so until we learn more my advice is:


The recently announced 25th Anniversary Blu-ray for Batman (1989) leaves much to be desired...what with its single "Birth of a Modern Blockbuster" extra as a reason to buy it.

However, have just announced that they will have a UK exclusive. And it will include 2 new documentaries - "Batman Reunited" and the classic "Batman: Making of a Hero" from 1989. This will be the first time the fan favourite documentary has been released in a home video format.

You can preorder the Blu-ray from ZAVVI by clicking here

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