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Wonder Woman and Justice League makes most anticipated films list of 2017
The two DC films are in the top 10 of Fandango's most anticipated blockbusters of 2017
Justice League cast announced, Lex Luthor will be back
Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will return in DC's hotly anticipated Justice League
New Justice League photo!
This image comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Batman solo film to shoot next spring
The hotly anticipated film should go before cameras in spring of 2017
Aquaman finds his evil sibling
Conjuring star will play the evil half-brother of DC's Aquaman
DC's Female Villains Unleashed
Billy Dee Williams will voice Harvey Dent
The suave star will give voice to the character he first played over 27 years ago.
Justice League Dark trailer
Trailer for the upcoming R-Rated pic
New Wonder Woman trailer!
WB releases another trailer for next summer's blockbuster
Mera revealed!
Amber Heard as Mera in new Justice League pic.
Justice League wrap video!
The epic superhero film has wrapped filming in London
Latest Zack Snyder tweet from Justice League
Interesting pic gives insight into a possible action sequence
Our New Commissioner Gordon!
New photo released, just in time for Batman Day!
Batman Director Tim Burton honoured
Visionary Director Tim Burton honoured with handprint ceremony at TCL
Joe Manganiello is Deathstroke
The actor has been confirmed after weeks of speculation
Batman vs Deathstroke (oldie but goodie)
This animated fight gets fans excited again for Deathstroke
Rumour: Flash will face The Rogues?
Miller's Flash to go up against a team of villains
Liman takes a "Dark" turn
Director Doug Liman has reportedly been tapped for Dark Universe
The Dark Flight? *Spoilers*
Henry Cavill teased an interesting image recently....
Box Office Champ again!
Suicide Squad reigns at the US Box Office for the third straight week.
Update: Raffle now closed.
We're sad to report the death of young Ben
Villains rule at the Box Office!
DC's latest reigned supreme at the box office
Suicide Squad London Premiere
Villains have their day in London
Justice League Dark
A sneak peek into DC's next animated film
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