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Batman TV Series Pitch
« on: Fri, 17 Feb 2017, 07:50 »
Nathaniel Buzolic as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Shelley Hennig or Crystal Reed as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Jack Coleman as Captain James Gordon/Commissioner Gordon

Sam Witwer as Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Brie Larson as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Cody Christian as Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin/Nightwing

Adam Godley as Alfred Pennyworth

Gillian Anderson as Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Chris Wood as The Red Hood/The Joker

Alison Brie as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Lacey Chabert as Zatanna Zatara

Colin Morgan as Edward Nashton/Edward Nygma/The Riddler

Damien Lewis as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze

Giancarlo Esposito as Professor Hugo Strange

Garret Dillahunt as Julian Day/The Calendar Man

Yvonne Strahovski as Jennifer Brigit Lynns/Firefly

Alexis Denisof as Victor Zsazz

Kevin Durand as Killer Croc

Mark A. Shephard as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin

Courtney B. Vance as Lucius Fox

Enver Gojak as Roman Sionis/Black Mask

Mark Pellegrino as Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat

Andrew Scott as Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow

Claire Holt as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

Oded Fehr as Ra's Al Guhl

Laura Mennell as Talia Al Guhl

Daniel Sharman or Dylan O'Brien as Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter

Season 1 Episode List:

The Bat/Pilot: Bruce Wayne, just returning to Gotham City, decides to begin his battle against the mob and the corrupt police force after the daughter of the newly appointed Captain James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, is kidnapped in an attempt to gain leverage over one of the few non-corrupt members of the police force.

Dark Disguise: While spying on the mob families, Batman is interrupted by a mischievous thief that may be closer to him than he thinks, leading them both into the underground world of human trafficking when her young teen friend Holly is taken by the mob, forcing them to work together to save her.

Not So Smart: When a string of intelligence testing based murders begin, Batman is forced to use his mind to overcome his latest conflict. Meanwhile James Gordon tracks a lead to a possible identity of the Batman: Bruce Wayne.

Enough Days In The Week: Batman hopes to gain a more steady acceptance from the police by tracking down a notorious serial killer called the Calendar Man.

Like Father, Like Son: The Sionis crime family ignites the beginnings of a mob war, as they target Oswald Cobblepot and hire the assassin Deadshot to kill him, forcing Batman to protect a criminal in order to keep the peace.

The Birdcage: Batman has been captured. Trapped as a prisoner in Oswald Cobblepot's underground fighting ring, if he wants to live he will have to fight the champion of the cage, a mutated humanoid nicknamed Killer Croc, to the death.

Inspiration: Batman must utilize the help of an eye witness to another in a long list of serial killings done by the psychopath Victor Zsazz.

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery: Now that Batman has gained at least the begrudged acceptance of James Gordon, that'll be tested when someone impersonating Batman begins to murder the stars of a movie being shot in Gotham.

Eco-Friendly: After a strange chemical plant explosion that crumbles the building, leaving trees and plants grown in it's place and effecting a security guard in a slower but similar way, Batman is in a race against the clock to stop the mysterious eco-terrorist nicknamed Poison Ivy, gather her chemical extract and use it to cure the guard before his body becomes a plant breeding ground.

A Really Bad Day: When the Red Hood kidnaps the heads of Gotham's biggest crime families, Batman must discover his location before he enacts his plan to amass enough power to shape Gotham to fit his twisted vision.

The Long Halloween Part One: Leading up to and ending on Halloween. As Bruce is just now getting used to his life as Batman, he's hit with a wave unexpected changes in his life: the new craziness taking over Gotham, a criminal that leaves a smile on his victim's face, the murder of Carmine Falcone's nephew which threatens to reignite the war between the mobs and his new ward, one Dick Grayson.

Joke's On You: On Thanksgiving, as Bruce struggles with keeping Dick from discovering his life as Batman, a maniac calling himself the Joker threatens to poison the entire city's water supply unless batman can get to him in time.

Cold Blooded: When an icy figure begins targeting members of the Wayne enterprises board and freezing them, Batman begins investigating his company's past and discovers the death of scientist that was covered up, but finds himself unprepared when the Wayne enterprises pre Christmas fundraiser is attacked by that same man, who is now calling himself Mr. Freeze.

A Magician's Touch: Magician Zatanna Zatara comes to blows with Batman while she's searching for clues tied to a tabloid story about a zombie in the sewer attacking people. Meanwhile the Joker tries to enacts a scheme as a way to kill the Holiday Killer.

Lips Of Poison: Poison Ivy is back. More uncaring about human life than ever, the now human/plant hybrid has decided to initiate a one plant war against humanity, starting with the privileged of Gotham, who she most blames for the pollution of the environment, putting Bruce Wayne squarely in her sites.

Heads Or Tails: Harvey Dent is been kidnapped by Crime Boss Moroni who has rallied Black Mask and Penguin to his plan to lure Batman into a trap and kill him.

Batgirl: With Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent having disappeared, Batman tracks the mobsters he believes responsible, despite Barbara's insistence that it was someone else, forcing her to take matters into her own hands and find clues on her own.

A Mad Tea Party: A former disgraced scientist named Jervis Tetch uses mind controlling technology to bend the mob families to his will and impress the woman of his dreams to get her to love him.

Fan The Flames: As mysterious arsonist attacks plague Gotham's fire departments, Batman soon realizes that the vicious nature to the attacks points to a personal motivation and finds himself face to face with someone clad in advanced armor calling themself Firefly.

How To Catch A Bat: Edward Nygma sets up a sinister scheme to catch Batman and reveal his identity, proving that he is indeed the smarter out of the two of them, forcing Batman to confront his need for control.

Everything To Fear: When bullies and thugs start dying from extreme fear induced hallicinations, Batman is forced to face his fears by a psychopath trying to usurp his place of fear and respect in Gotham.

Holiday's End: With the Holiday Killer's identity having been discovered, Batman and Gordon enact a sting operation to catch the killer once and for all.

The Long Halloween Part Two: The Holiday Killer has been defeated. But the chessgame that he was a pawn of is coming to a head, with Batman's greatest weapon being used against him and Gotham: His mind.

End of season 1. Please tell me what you think! Have a very great day!

God bless you all!

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Re: Batman TV Series Pitch
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 17 Feb 2017, 21:07 »
Mark Sheppard’s an interesting choice for Penguin, and one I hadn't considered before. I could see that working. And Oded Fehr would be perfect for Ra’s al Ghul. There are some interesting casting picks here.

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Re: Batman TV Series Pitch
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 9 Jun 2017, 00:23 »
I'm less concerned with actors than I am story. With that in mind...

-- Season 01
Year One is the season-wide storyline. It's all about bringing down Commissioner Loeb. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

The Case of the Chemical Syndicate (include the Red Hood somehow)
Images (LOTDK #50)
Masters of Fear (Batman Annual #19)
Batman vs the Vampire (Detective #31-#32)
Look But You Better Not Touch (Shadow of the Bat Annual #03)
Questions Multiply the Mystery (Detective Annual #08)
Prey (LOTDK #11-#15)
Storm (LOTDK #58)
Criminals (LOTDK #69-#70)
Going Sane (LOTDK #65-#68)

Season finale is wrapping up the Commissioner Loeb storyline.

-- Season 02
The Long Halloween is the season-wide storyline. It's all about bringing down the Roman. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

Hugo Strange and the Mutant Monsters (Batman #01)
The Flying Graysons (Robin Annual #04)
Batman Chronicles (The Gauntlet)
Robin (Year One)
The Joker Returns (Batman #01)
One of the Most Perfect Frame-Ups (Detective #58)
Case of the Joker's Crime Circus (Batman #04)
Knights of Knavery (Batman #25)
The Fowls of Fate (Batman #48)

Season finale is wrapping up the Roman's storyline.

-- Season 03
Joker's Millions (from Detective #180) is the season-wide storyline. It's all about bringing down the Joker. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

A Greater Detective Than Batman (from Batman #56)
The Man Behind the Red Hood (from Detective #168)
The Riddle of the Seven Birds (from Batman #56)
Joker's Crime Costumes (from Batman #63)
Joker's Utility Belt (from Batman #73)
The Crazy Crime Clown (from Batman #74)
The Penguin's Fabulous Fowls (from Batman #76)
The Menace of False Face (from Batman #113)
Operation: Escape (from Star-Spangled Comics #124)
The Jungle Cat-Queen (from Detective #211)
The Batwoman (from Detective #233)
The First Batman (from Detective #235)
Two Face Strikes Again (from Batman #81)
Ace the Bat-House- Batman #92
The Second Boy Wonder- Batman #105
The Great Clayface-Joker Feud (from Batman #159

Season finale is the big twist of the Joker's millions.

-- Season 04
The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City (from Detective #345) is the season-wide storyline. It's all about finding the missing boy (Mark) while also taking Blockbuster out. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

Partners In Plunder (from Batman #169)
The Strange Death of Batman (from Detective #347)
The Joker's Happy Victims (from Kellogg's Special)
Batgirl- Year One
The Night Batman Destroyed Gotham City (from Detective #362)
The True False Face of Batman (from Detective #363)
The House the Joker Built (from Detective #365)
Batgirl Breaks Up the Dynamic Duo (from Detective #369)
Catwoman Sets Her Claws for Batman (from Batman #197)

Season finale is uncovering the Blockbuster's true identity.

-- Season 05
Strange Apparitions is the season-wide storyline. It's all about taking Thorne down. And a major subplot this season is the Joker becoming a killer again. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

Decision Day (from The Batman Adventures #18)
Paint a Picture of Peril (from Detective #397)
The Hollow Man (also from Detective #397)
Tree of Knowledge (from The Batman Adventures #26)
Half an Evil (from Batman #234)
Batgirl: Day One (from The Batman Adventures #12)
Man-Bat Over Vegas (from Detective #429)
Puglic Enemy (from The Batman Adventures #14)
The Joker's Five-Way Revenge (from Batman #251)
Death Has the Last Laugh (from Brave & the Bold #111)
Hail Emperor Penguin (from Batman #257)
A Caper A Day Keeps Batman At Bay (from Batman #312)

Season finale is the Laughing Fish and the ghost of Hugo Strange scaring the fertilizer out of Thorne.

-- Season 06
A Death in the Family is the season-wide storyline. It's all about tracking down the Joker after he kills Jason. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

Nightwing Year One (from Nightwing #101-#106)
A New Boy Wonder (from Batman #408-#411)
Ten Nights of the Beast (from Batman #417-#420)
Fever (from Detective #583)
Batgirl (1997 One-Shot)
The Diplomat's Son (from Batman #424)
Consequences (from Batman #425)
Fatal Wish (from Batman #430)
The Wall (from Batman #431)
Dead Letter Office (from Batman #432)
Many Deaths of Batman (from Batman #433-#435)
Year Three (from Batman #436-#439)
The Mud Pack (from Detective #604-#607)
A Lonely Place of Dying)
Crimesmith (from Batman #443-#444)
Rite of Passage (from Detective #618-#621)
Return of the Joker (from Batman #450-#451)

Season finale is *NOT* the Joker becoming a UN ambassador. It's Batman finally catching up to him.

-- Season 07
Knightfall is the season-wide storyline. It's all about taking out, first, Bane and, later, Jean Paul. But the standalone episodes (if there's time for any) could consist of...

Identity Crisis (from Batman #455-#457)
Abattoir! (from Detective #625)
Night Monsters (from Batman #458)
Return to the Electrocutioner (from Detective #626)
Saturday Night at the Movies (from Batman #459)
Sisters in Arms (from Batman #460-#461)
Debut (from Batman #465)
The Last Arkham (from Shadow of the Bat #01-#04)

Season finale is Bruce coming back as Batman and defeating Jean Paul... after which Bruce quits.

-- Season 08
Contagion is the season-wide storyline. It's all about saving the city from Ra's al-Ghul's germ warfare. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

The Penguin Returns (Detective #683-#684)
Sleeper (Batman #516-#517)

Season finale is Batman's showdown with Ra's al-Ghul.

-- Season 09
No Man's Land is the season-wide storyline. That's pretty much it.

No Man's Land

-- Season 10
Hush is the season-wide storyline. It's all about discovering who's messing with Batman's rogue's gallery. But the standalone episodes could consist of...

He Who Lurks (from Batman #578)
Happy Birthday Two You (from Detective #747)
Urban Renewal (from Detective #748-#749)
The Dark Knight Project (from Batman #584)
The Janus Double-Down (from Detective #753)
Penguin Dreams (from Batman #586)
Officer Down
Bruce Wayne- Murderer/Fugitive

The Hush story wraps up with Batman's showdown with Hush. After that, Bruce retires and turns Gotham City over to a new generation of heroes, marries Selina (because she's as good as anybody else) and moves away from Gotham City. Forever.

The proper series finale will be a kinda sorta riff on The Autobiography Of Bruce Wayne, where Bruce says goodbye to his departed wife... and to the viewers.


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