Author Topic: Favorite Batman suit on film?  (Read 5263 times)

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Re: Favorite Batman suit on film?
« Reply #30 on: Mon, 12 Feb 2018, 06:27 »
Agreed on all points, TDK. Iíll always prefer the classic spandex costume over any sculpted rubber suit. My ideal movie costume would look like this:

That's a good suit. I'm a fan of the classic look - with either the Adam West or TDK Returns palette.

West is the only actor to date to match Batman's 6'2 height in the comics. I think his physique was fine as well.

The entertainment value is obvious, but I think it's remarkable how much the 1966 show got right. The reason why an old program endures for so long via re-runs is largely due to the strength of the performances. Even though it was to give public service announcements, Adam West's Batman regularly gave Robin and viewers sage advice. He never lost hope or his belief in justice. This family friendly tone allowed the viewer to really connect with Bruce on a personal level. That warmth is why I love Adam's Batman so much. He nails the vibe of a decent, incorruptible man.


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