Author Topic: Wonder Woman (2017)  (Read 19478 times)

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Re: Wonder Woman (2017)
« Reply #210 on: Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 18:37 »

Digital 8/29 and Blu-ray 9/19.

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Re: Wonder Woman (2017)
« Reply #211 on: Fri, 11 Aug 2017, 02:11 »
Frank Miller has called Wonder Woman the best superhero film since Superman: The Movie.
I know where he's coming from. It shares the same plot beats and charm of the first Reeve film. For all the fuss about this being a female directed film with a female lead actress, I actually don't think WW gets enough praise to be honest. I watched it again recently and enjoyed it a great deal. The visuals are top notch. I can tell effort was put in with the soundtrack. The action was solid. All of that stuff gets my tick of approval. But that all would mean nothing if it weren't for Gal Gadot. She made this movie what it is. Her naive goodness is what hooked me in. She's not just fun to watch - she has depth as well. Which sadly, seems to have gone out the window in other CBM's. Fun, fun, fun seems to override everything.

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Re: Wonder Woman (2017)
« Reply #212 on: Fri, 11 Aug 2017, 13:21 »
I actually think one of the hidden gems of this movie that isn't talked about enough is Trevor Slattery. I can't think of a movie which made a female lead and a male sidekick work as well as this one did. Typically that dynamic usually involves the male to be either a wimp or completely oblivious but the Slattery character was tough and heroic in his own right and I thought was a great character to help Diana and keep her grounded.


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