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The 75 Best Batman Moments
75 years, the best 75 moments!
25 Things You (Maybe) Didn't Know About Tim Burton's Batman
Batman 89 is 25 years old today...but how well do you really know it?
Review: Omni Music Publishing Batman (1989) Sheet Music Collection
Read this first hand review to one of cinemas most iconic scores. Omni Music Publishing presents Danny Elfman's Batman in Full Score
Richard Strange Interview - Joker Goon actor in Batman (1989)
We go behind the scenes of 1989's Batman with the Goon actor
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) and the Comics
EXCLUSIVE - D.I.C.E. 2013 Report - Snyder & Capullo reveal plans for Batman in Zero Year
Paul reports on Team Batman's visit to Ireland and more
A Gotham Fairytale - Animation
Illustrator Mauricio Abril's fantastic short story set to the music of Muse
Following the Nerd Podcast Batman Special
Our Paul joins the FTN crew to talk Batman & Batfleck
2002 Batman vs Superman Asylum script
Read the whole script for the abandoned film project
Fun tips for a cool Bat-family-movie-night
3 Fun and Easy Ways to Dress Your Family for Batman Movies
Review: Man of Steel (2013)
Paul reviews the Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe.
Comic Influences on Batman & Robin (1997)
They said it couldn't be done but Silver Nemesis proves Batman & Robin may not be all that far from the comics at all!
Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2
Gabriele Funaro reviews the 2nd part of DC's Animated Dark Knight Returns adaption
Comic Influences on Batman: The Movie (1966)
Silver Nemesis looks at the comics that influenced the Adam West movie, debunks some myths and points out the legacy left by the series.
Comic Influences on Batman Forever (1995)
The comprehensive look at the comics that influenced and shared themes with the 1995 sequel
Comic Influences On Batman (1989)
A great look at the comics and panels that influenced Tim Burton's Batman 89
Comic Influences on Batman Returns (1992)
A huge analysis of the Batman comics and their possible connections to Tim Burton's Batman Returns
Exclusive Comikaze Interview: Michael Uslan
Ben Yip talks with Executive Producer and Godfather of the Bat-Franchise
Comikaze Report - Michael Uslan, The Boy Who Loved Batman
Ben Yip covers legendary Batman film producer's two panels
Comikaze Report - A Look at Batgirl: Spoiled
A Must-Read & Must-See for Stephanie Brown Fans
Comikaze Report - Kevin Smith Meets Adam West
"Fat Man. Batman. The Dynamic Duo."
Batman 89s lost moments - Deleted Scenes
A look at the rumors and facts about some lost scenes from Batman
Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1
Paul reviews the animated adaption of Frank Miller's classic novel
20 Years of Batman: The Animated Series
George Rodriguez looks back at the classic animated series on it's 20th Anniversary
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