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Comic Influences on Batman (1989)
A great look at the comics & panels that influenced Tim Burton's Batman

Lost moments (deleted scenes) from Batman (1989)
A look at the rumors and facts about some lost scenes from Batman


Dave Lea Interview
Paul chats to Michael Keaton's fight/stunt double

Hugo Blick Interview
Paul chats to the actor who played the young Jack Nicholson in the infamous alley scene





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Batman Superman Anthology 9-Film Blu-ray Set coming
Reeve Keaton Kilmer and Clooney in one boxset

Batman Director Tim Burton honoured
Visionary Director Tim Burton honoured with handprint ceremony at TCL

Batman star, Michael Keaton, honoured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Michael Keaton receives a well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Remembering Michael Gough
Michael Gough, who portrayed Alfred Pennyworth in the Burton/Schumacher era of Batman films, passed away on March 17th, 2011.

Burtonverse Batman comic pitch was turned down by DC
Joe Quinones and Kate Leth put together a pitch to carry on from Batman Returns

UK NOT getting exclusive 25th Blu-ray for Batman (1989)
Set does NOT include classic Making of a Hero documentary

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